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DMHA pre-workout is a pre-workout supplement that includes the stimulant DMHA. DMHA is also known as English Walnut Extract, Octodrine, 2-aminoisoheptane, 2-amino-5-methylheptane, 2-amino-6, and Juglans Regia Extract.

DMHA grew in popularity as DMAA faced increasing scrutiny in many countries and DMAA pre workouts became more difficult to find.

Here are our top picks for DMHA pre-workout supplements.

While DMHA pre-workouts are not too hard to find in 2022, some manufacturers are already taking it out of their pre-workouts. One prominent example is Assassin, which used to contain DMHA and then ultimately had it removed in the 6th generation version. I suspect this was in response to the 2019 warnings sent by the FDA to manufacturers that included DMHA in their pre workouts (source).

Here are some of the best DMHA pre-workouts still available.

Get ’em while they last!

Best DMHA Pre Workouts

All of the above are solid pre workouts that consistently receive strong reviews in 2021.

Alternative: You can also buy bulk DMHA powder and add it to pre workout yourself. This is more cost effective and allows you to control the exact dosage. Bulk Stimulants is a good vendor for this option.

Zeus Pre Workout

The first pre workout released from God Status Labz, Zeus Pre Workout earns its namesake by combining several different stimulants at serious doses. 400 mg of caffeine, 200 mg of DMHA, 250 mg of Eria Jarensis, and 50 mg of Hordenine combine to delivery powerful, long lasting stimulation for grueling workouts. Like Dark Energy, Zeus also includes GABA, which, along with Beta PEA, help improve mood and smooth out some of the stimulant effects. This may be one of the breakout DMHA pre workouts in 2020.

Dark Energy Pre Workout

Dark Energy pre workout is one of the most talked about supplements of 2019 and 2020. This is largely due to its ingredient label, which features 200 mg of DMHA and 60 mg of DMAA. It also contains GABA, which helps smooth out the overall experience.

I’ve taken Dark Energy many times and it definitely delivers on the energy and mood elevation benefits. I don’t personally find it to be an aggressive, rip into weights pre workout, but I’m fine with that. If you’re looking for aggression and intensity, I’d highly recommend Assassin pre workout.

Unfortunately, Dark Energy is no longer available for purchase.

Defiant Unleashed Pre Workout

Defiant Unleashed is a DMHA pre workout with a super loaded ingredient label. 450 mg of caffeine (!!!), 250 mg Eria Jarensis, 200 mg DMHA, 100 mg Theobromine, and Octopamine (100 mg) are all there to keep you focused, energized, and elevated.

It’s also worth mentioning the massive 8 gram dose of L-Citrulline Malate 2:1 for massive pumps. If you want something that delivers on both pumps and stims, then Defiant Unleashed might be just what you’re looking for.

Best prices from Supp Kingz and Ebay.

Arez Titanium Pre Workout

Arez Titanium pre workout from Ntel Nutra is another popular entry in its long line of “Arez” pre workout lines. While the dose of DMHA (175 mg) and Eria Jarensis Extract (75 mg) are slightly lower than some of the other pre workouts on this list, it also contains Phenylethylamine HCL, which is more of a nootropic ingredient that inhibits the uptake of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. This can boost the euphoric effects of felt after taking Arez Titanium.

Best prices found at 2 Day Supps and Suppz.com.

Bulk DMHA Powder

Another option is to purchase bulk DMHA powder and add it to pre workouts yourself. This has the added advantage of controlling the DMHA dosage, allowing you to take smaller or larger doses depending on the training session, how you’re feeling, etc.

A popular online vendor for DMHA powder is Bulk Stimulants. Their DMAA and DMHA are reviewed in the video below – the reviewer actually preferred the DMHA, finding it more euphoric than the DMAA. They did caution to not take DMHA on consecutive days, as the product is quite strong and a tolerance can build quickly.

Thermal Spark DMHA Fat Burner

If you’re interested in appetite suppression, all-day energy, and mood elevation, then look no further than Thermal Spark by Imperial Nutrition. Made by the same company as Excelsior, Thermal Spark is a fat burner with DMHA, synephrine, cocoa, and other fat burners that delivers a very strong dose of energy, euphoria, and appetite suppression.

Only recommended for those who are experienced with strong stimulants. This is the real deal, folks. Not for those prone to crashing or other negative stimulant side effects!

Check out Thermal Spark here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best DMHA pre workout?

This ultimately depends on the opinion of the individual. However, a few pre workouts with DMHA consistently receive stellar reviews. These include Wrecked Extreme Pre Workout by Huge Supplements, The Power Pre Workout by Badass Labz, Excelsior by Imperial Nutrition, and Pre Phase by Phase 1 Nutrition.

Is DMHA illegal?

Like DMAA, it is not illegal to simply possess DMHA or buy a supplement which contains it.

It is, however, illegal to sell a dietary supplement within the US that contains DMHA, as DMHA has not been approved by the FDA as a dietary ingredient. In 2019, DMHA came under increased scrutiny by the FDA, who issued warning letters to 12 companies selling supplements containing DMHA.

Pre Workout Graveyard

Here we mourn DMHA pre workouts that are no longer widely available. Rest in peace, kings.

Reformulated Pre Workout

The following pre workout supplements used to contain DMHA, but have since been discontinued or reformulated.

  • Apollon Nutrition – Assassin
  • Black Magic – BZRK
  • Metabolic Nutrition – ESP Extreme
  • Repp Sports – Broken Arrow (the old version with DMHA is still available at a few retailers if you get lucky)

Tested and Didn’t Make the List

The below DMHA pre workout supplements were tested, but ultimately did not make the “best of” list above.

  • Blackstone Labs – Dust X
  • Condemned Labz – ConvictStim
  • GenOne Labs – Old Jack v2
  • Inspired Nutraceutical – DVST8 Crimson
  • American Metabolix – Havok Hardcore
  • Innovative Labs – Wicked
  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – Jack’d Up
  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – Ultimate Orange

Wild Pre Workout

From the same folks that brought you the legendary Irate, Wild pre workout is another winner from Juggernaut Nutrition.

The ingredient profile on this is one is actually pretty different than most of the other pre workouts on this page.

For one, the addition of 100 mg (yielding 50 mg of caffeine) of caffeine citrate is not often seen in pre workouts. It is a faster acting version of caffeine, peaking about 50% faster than caffeine anhydrous.

Second, in addition to 120 mg of DMHA (“2 amino- 6 methylheptane”), Wild also has 40 mg of 2 amino- 5 methylhexane, also known as 1,4 DMAA, which is a pretty rare stimulant in pre workouts. 40 mg of synephrine rounds off the stimulant profile. 500 mg of N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine helps provide a smooth comedown from the serious stimulant package.

For those looking for a stimulant-heavy pre workout that has some unique ingredients and doesn’t rely on a massive caffeine dose, Wild might be up your ally.

Now is very hard to find! If you see it, buy it!

DMHA Side Effects

Please note that ingesting DMHA is not recommended and can lead to health risks.

Negative side effects of DMHA are similar to other central nervous system stimulants and include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Energy crash
  • Anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Irregular heartbeat (i.e. heart palpitations)
  • Dyspnoea
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Mood swings
  • Hyperthermia



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