Best Swim Trunks For Love Handles 2023 – Top 10 For Fat Guys

There are the ten best swim trunks for love handles that you can own this summer to have a comfortable yet fashionable day out at the beach.

Visiting a beach puts many people in trouble to think about love handles, but there are special trunks that can handle them quite easily.

Wearing the swim trunks that we recommend below then you can fully enjoy your beach time or pool party.

We have searched a lot and find these 10 swim trunks to be the best in quality, fabric, and design.

Now, let’s go to them!

Best Swim Trunks For Love Handles 2023

#1. Patagonia Stretch Planing 19″ Boardshorts#2. Volcom Crafter Mod 19″ Boardshorts#3. Katin Reverb 17″ Volley Trunks#4. Quiksilver Highline Devils Tea 19″ Boardshorts#5. RVCA VA Elastic Boardshorts#6. Rhythm Classic Beach Shorts#7. Oakley Dot Stripe 19″ Boardshorts#8. Kanu Surf Men’s Kahuku#9. MILANKERR Mens Swim Trunks Swimming Trunks for Men#10. maamgic Mens Slim Fit Quick Dry Swim Shorts

Best Swim Trunks for Fat Guys 2023 Reviews

#1. Patagonia Stretch Planing 19″ Boardshorts

Cozy, comfortable, and secure, these boardshorts give perfect fit in every kind of movement.

Patagonia shorts are made from 91% polyester and 9% spandex allowing four-way stretch for comfortable mobility. The durable water repellent finish makes it more appealing for a day-to-day swim.

With its slim fit design, it gives closer-fitting that not only makes you feel good but also boosts your style. Furthermore, a fused and curved waistband improves the fitting, and the hips’ shape remains intact during movement.

Moreover, the chafing is removed with the forward seam design. There’s a self-draining pocket on the right side as well to keep your belongings. It is secured by a recyclable plastic zipper with an internal key loop for easy access.

Having 50+ UPF sun protection and Fair Trade Certified sewn, these boardshorts let you set a statement with style.

#2. Volcom Crafter Mod 19″ Boardshorts

These amazing boardshorts make you ready to face the waves always.

For the composition, these boardshorts use 89% nylon with 11% elastane. Made especially for the nylon lovers, these shorts have all the nylon properties. The fabric is highly durable and offers stretch and elasticity like no others. Also, it lasts really long as it is resistant to tear, water, and heat.

Further, the back patch pocket comes with the flap so your belongings remain safe inside. Also, it uses cinch fly technology to make things better. Alongside, you can tie the string to keep the shorts secure even in heavy waves.

Having side seam taping and signature woven labels, from color to shape, these shorts are perfect for every hot summer day.

#3. Katin Reverb 17″ Volley Trunks

When you want to have comfort with style, these trunks become your number one choice every time.

Made using 100% 4-ply nylon Taslan, this fabric always satisfies your summer needs. Nylon remains cool in summers because it is resistant to heat. Also, it is very durable and can withstand abrasions and tears easily. Furthermore, to make your movement comfortable, it has enough elasticity.

To give you an ideal fit, it has a 1.5” elastic cinch waistband. Alongside, the boat rope cinch drawstring keeps the trunks in their place even during heavy movements.

The front pockets come with mesh drain inserts. There are back pockets as well. Moreover, the clean finished interior seams make them look good.

Overall, from the material used to the design, these trunks can amplify your beach day fun.

#4. Quiksilver Highline Devils Tea 19″ Boardshorts

Every day becomes a fun day when these blossomy boardshorts make your day.

You can be completely mobile with these shorts on, thanks to its 4-way stretch fabric. These boardshorts have a perfect combination of 86% polyester, 8% elastane, and 6% cotton when it comes to composition. As the major component is polyester, these shorts are very durable. They are strong and don’t tear with time. Also, they are moisture-resistant with enough elasticity to get you going.

The DryFlight DWR finish makes these shorts more appealing. It gives you performance fit so whether you need to play on waves or just want a stroll at the beach, you can wear these shorts for comfort and style.

Other features of these trunks are neo fly closure, back patch pocket, and key bungee cord inside pocket.

All in all, the design is funky with durability that you can rely blindly upon.

#5. RVCA VA Elastic Boardshorts

With a simple floral design and perfect stitching, these boardshorts are more than awesome to soothe you on a hot sunny day.

Made using a unique combination of polyester 66%, cotton 20%, hemp 8%, and 6% elastane, these boardshorts have little goodness of all these fabrics. These shorts have a 4-way stretch fit. The combo is durable and comfortable. It is also elastic and stretchy to follow your natural movements.

The double-needle stitch gives it the reliability to last season after season. The pockets are spacious enough to keep your belongings secure.

You can play with these shorts on, jump, ride, or whatever, they will remain in their place with the elastic waist having drawcord. You can tighten the shorts as much as you like.

On the whole, to keep you cozy and make you look cool, these shorts are well-equipped for both.

#6. Rhythm Classic Beach Shorts

Have a manly look with baby comfort with these elastic boardshorts.

When it comes to performance fit and coziness, these shorts are better than many. Recycled polyester is used in the construction of these shorts to make them extremely durable. Even your strenuous movement couldn’t harm the fabric.

Its moisture-wicking properties make you feel cool on a hot sunny day. Also, the fabric is perfect for retaining its shape and making you feel relaxed when you walk or run. The elastic waist with the drawstring keeps the shorts in their place no matter how heavy movement is there.

Thanks to the zip pocket closure, you can securely place your items in your pockets. Just make sure to empty your pockets when you enter the water.

All in all, the stitching is amazing and so is the style; therefore, when it comes to have the best trunk this summer, it is one of an ideal option to select.

#7. Oakley Dot Stripe 19″ Boardshorts

Made with comfortable colors and fabric, these boardshorts are what you have been always looking for.

Available in different hues having perfect patterns, these shorts are just perfect when it comes to style. The composition of these trunks is 86% polyester and 14% spandex. Having the most fabric percentage of polyester, these boardshorts remain cool in hot summers. Also, the durability is outstanding.

To give you an ideal fit, they have 19” outseam. You can wear these shorts all day long and feel comfortable.

With the ergonomic waistband and drawcord waist with branded tips, you can choose any movement, and these trunks will keep up with you.

Overall, with the classy look and cozy design, these shorts can make you feel good on a hot sunny day.

#8. Kanu Surf Men’s Kahuku

This trunk is comfortable and cozy and helps you to enjoy swimming at full.

Legacy swim trunks are made from 100% polyester that makes them ideal to wear in waters. Polyester doesn’t wrinkle or sticks to the body while swimming which is very likable for the swimmers. The sewing quality is the finest in the market you can get. It features triple-needle side seams and rises that are not available in many trunks available today.

Along with the best sewing, you will also get the UPF 50+ quick-dry microfiber that means it will dry pretty quickly. Once you are out from the pool, it dries on its own. Also, this microfiber gives it the properties of being very light weighted but highly durable. It doesn’t tear that easily.

The washing options are amazing too. Just add them in the machine to wash – neither color will fade nor will seams open. It is ideally designed to take care of the love handle with the sturdy yet comfortable elastic on top.

There are also one or two side pockets that are spacious enough to carry some important things. In addition to that, there are also one or two cargo pockets that make it even handier to carry your stuff around. Available in a variety of designs and styles, it offers something that suits everyone’s taste.

#9. MILANKERR Mens Swim Trunks Swimming Trunks for Men

The unique design with high-quality stitching, this men’s swim trunk can augment your swimming experience.

Made with the 4-way stretch polyester, this trunk is made to accept the activities of the human body and stretch according to it that enhances the feel of comfort. This stretchable polyester doesn’t stick fully to the body and gives you the confidence in the pool even with your love handle. Its construction makes this trunk light, contracted, and comfortable.

There is no tension in choosing the correct size because different sizes are available to fulfill everyone’s needs. The adjustable waistband further makes it easier to wear. The drawstring is elastic and can be set as per your requirements. The free adjustment makes it ideal for every waist size.

To keep your belongings, it comes with two front pockets and also a back pocket. The back pocket has the draining system that means you won’t come out from the water with water-filled pockets. It comes in vibrant colors to suit your happy mood but you don’t worry, it won’t fade that easily and will accompany you on countless beach trips.

Along with all these, this trunk features an amazing water repellent technology. It dries in no time and takes around 3-7 minutes only after you come out of the water.

The good air permeability, the amazing design, mesh lining, knee-length, and perfect sewing make this trunk one of the best available in the market today.

#10. maamgic Mens Slim Fit Quick Dry Swim Shorts

Ideal fit size, super cool fabric, and unique design; it is one of the best trunks for the love handles.

Made from 100% polyester, this swim trunk is very comfortable. Because of the slim fit design, it is recommended to go for one size bigger if anyone likes to have a looser fit. The mesh liner inside makes it the choice of many people.

Like any other good swimming trunk, it has the ability to dry quickly. When you come out of the water, just stroll for 5 minutes and the trunk will be all dry. Also, it features three spacious pockets; two side pockets and a Velcro backside pocket having drainage that keeps your belongings secure and water will drain on its own. The fiber that is used has the ability to lose moisture three times faster than normal cotton fabric.

The stunning printing not only looks fashionable but also doesn’t fade because of the top quality printing techniques. This swim trunk is light weighted and thin, but it is really strong and perfect for every kind of beach sport or activity.

Different sizes are available and to fit everyone’s waist ideally, it comes with the comfortable elastic waist having a drawstring. The size variety makes it easy for everyone to find the right fit and enjoy the best time at the beach. All in all, it is one best-stitched trunk to take your beach fun to a whole new level.

#11. CKAHSBI Quick Dry Swimming Shorts

Perfect stitch, quick-drying, and highly comfortable, this surf boxer brief will make you enjoy at full on the beach.

This CKAHSBI is swimming short for men having quick-drying abilities. It features lotus leaf water repellent that makes it waterproof. So when you leave the water, there’s no need to go to the changing room right away to get rid of the wet trunk. Just stand in the sun and it will dry on its own.

Its fabric use siege, film principle weaving that gives it fast drying. You can completely submerge it in water and within 10 minutes after leaving the water, it will totally dry without putting any effort.

It has the color that doesn’t fade and it is tested many times. No matter how many times you wash it, the color will remain the same.

Don’t worry about its adjustment. It has the waistband and the elastic band that makes it easy to fit. You can easily select the size that matches your needs, but you can still adjust it because of its features. The elastic is running under the decorated strip that gives it a unique style. It also features an exquisite PVC gas button detection and amazing knitted quick dry belt.

It has a big and deep pocket present at the side that has a generous space to keep your belongings. Overall, this trunk has a tough and durable fabric that is comfortable as well. The perfect stitching makes it bear extreme pressures and allows having flexible movement.

#12. Sotetily Mens Thin Swim Shorts Swimwear Trunks

Breathable, stylish, and cozy, this swim trunk has all the qualities of the swim shorts you have been looking for.

Made exclusively from the soft polyester, this swim short is of high-quality. Even after many swims, the fabric tears neither its color fades away. You can wear it on beaches while playing your favorite sports or on a normal day when you just want to relax, this short will make your day comfortable.

This short is stylish – whether it’s a party or a beach day, it will make you stand out from the crowd. There are varieties of colors available that can easily match with your favorite T-shirt and make you look great.

This casual wear short is thin and ideal for springs and summers. It doesn’t get hot in the summers when you are out of water. There are diverse sizes as well which help you to select the right size. Even when the size is selected, it gives an amazing fit like no other.

It lasts long, feels comfortable, looks stylish, and fits perfect, all these things make it one of the best swim trunks available in the market today.

#13. CHAMSGEND Quick Dry Swimming Trunks Men

Stylish, simple, cozy, this swimming trunk is for the best swim.

If you are searching for a high-quality 100% nylon trunk, then this is one best in the market. It is comfortable and could be worn in springs and summers. You can wear it on the hot beach days or casual pool parties, and it will look great with any T-shirt.

When you come out of the water with this swimwear you need not be worried about it being wet. It will get dry in no time because of its amazing quick drying ability.

The elastic belt is present with the strings to tighten it as per your need. You can set it according to your requirements so it doesn’t loosen even underwater. All the material used in its constructions is of perfect quality that it remains new even after many washes. When it comes to washing, washing with the hand is highly preferable.

There are five different sizes available from medium to XXXL which means even if your love handle is too prominent, this trunk can easily cover it fully without any problem. The fit is ideal and makes you feel relaxed.

All in all, with this trunk, you look stylish on a casual day. You can wear it daily without getting worried about the trunk to wear or tear.

#14. Hui BaiLe Men Swim Shorts SwimTrunks

Colorful, soft, easy to wear, this swimming pool brief is for all the people who like to have a printed trunk.

Made from soft polyester and spandex, this special trunk is made for men who prefer comfort with style. It is the brief that has different kinds of colorful patterns to select from. There are a large number of hues to suit everyone’s needs with amazing funky designs.

When you want to hide your love handle, this trunk is proven efficient. The size fits completely you just need to make the right selection. There is no problem in wearing and covering yourself when you choose the right size.

The fabric is thin and soft that makes it ideal for the summers and springs bathing. Whether you want to wear it at a pool party or on a seaside picnic, this trunk suits your needs and makes you stand out from others because of the unique color and design. There are so many different prints to select from. The top waist elastic is also made stylish by hiding it completely but providing elasticity and rigidity in securing the trunk above the hips.

You can wash it whenever you want without getting worried about the color to fade away. The color will remain the same even after many washes. Wear it casually on hot days and it will be your partner for many long summer days.

All in all, it is a comfortable and stylish trunk that has every quality that you have been looking for in your trunk. The stitching is just perfect without any flaw.

Type of swim trunks

There are different kinds of swim trunks available in the market. A swimsuit can have loose-fitting or it can be skin tight. The types of swim trunks are:

  • Speedos: Commonly renowned as swim briefs, they are made from nylon ad spandex composite, but the polyester briefs are also very common. They are further available in different styles like a thong, full seat, or g-string.
  • Boardshorts: A longer version of the trunk that is up to the knees or passes down them. They are usually fitted around the torso as they don’t have an elastic waistband.
  • Trunks: Mid-thigh, loose swimwear is known as trunks. The construction is mainly of either 100% polyester or 100% nylon. They have the size in between the boxer shorts and the boardshorts.
  • Square cut swim trunk: They are very much like a swim brief but have a much conservative cut. They are more or less similar to the boxer briefs.
  • Jammer: It is the swimwear that is worn mainly by the athletes during the competition. It looks a lot like cycling shorts. They are made from lycra/ spandex material or nylon, but now, many modern jammers are made from polyester. Their fitting design makes them unique.

How to Choose the Best Swim Trunks for Love Handles

Well, the love handles are not so lovable when it comes to the beach time. The main motive behind finding the best swim trunks for love handles is to hide the part of losing a lower waist. So here are some tips that will help you to make the right decision.

Initiate with the right size. When you use the right size, there is a much chance that the correct size selection will hide your bulging lower waist fat. Also, if you have so much fat there, then go for one size bigger than yours as it will provide space for the love handles to hide.

You must also be careful in making the selection between the skin-tight trunks and body loose trunks. For the former one, size can create a lot of problems. On the other hand, the latter is already lost and doesn’t need much alteration when it comes to size.

When it comes to select the elastic and non-elastic trunks, go for the ones having elastic in the waistband. One benefit of them is it is easy to pull them up. Also, those trunks with the drawstrings are pretty much amazing as well. You can tie them up in between the belly, hiding the love handles under the trunk.

The material or fabric of the trunk is another special feature to look for. Go for polyester as it doesn’t stick much and let you enjoy the water around you. When the fabric is loose and doesn’t get tight on the body, it creates room for your love handles to rest. Otherwise, they will be protruding out of the trunk from the sides. Also, there are many trunks available in the market that could dry on their own. Choosing them is a better option because they not only fit you perfectly but also dries fast.

There are also other options as well that whether you want the swim trunk. Some trunks are very stretchy and follow the body’s movement to stretch, while others do not stretch; which one to select depends upon you totally and your personal choice.

Losing belly fat is not easy and love handles are the hardest to get rid of. You don’t need to wait at home to go to the beach after they are gone. You can still go today by hiding the love handles within your swim trunk. Our list above has the best mens swim trunks for love handles that can easily cover you but also gives you amazing comfort and coziness when you wear them.

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