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Those visiting Novigrad may have stumbled upon a Witcher contract on the message boards of Novigrad city.This contract in particular as you go on the hunt to find a Succubus. While its not a a particularly difficult missions, the trouble comes in reaching the creature, and ultimately deciding its fate. Here is a Deadly Delights walkthrough, featuring how to get into the house of the Succubus, along with explaining the rewards that form the best choice and ending to the quest.

Witcher 3: Deadly Delights Walkthrough (Level 15)¶

Head west along the southern end of the central district to return to the fish market, where you’ll find a guard in need of a Witcher. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about some desiccated corpses. Sadly the bodies have been burned, but a medic who was present beforehand might know more.

Travel north-west through the market and continue under an arch before heading south-west down a street to reach the docks. Follow the road running along the coast north-west until you find the Medic near some docks. Talk to him and learn what you can, then backtrack to the south-east along the docks and cross a bridge south to reach the docks district. Your destination is the search area south of Crippled Kate’s brothel.

When you reach the search area activate your Witcher Senses and look around at all the prints on the ground; search the southern hoofprints to pick up the correct trail, then follow it north, through a tunnel, then along the brothel, jumping over a crate when necessary, and to the back door of the brothel.

There are two ways of finding out more. Either search west of the brothel’s back door to find some expensive perfume, then follow the trail until you find a townsperson outside a building, obviously in some distress. Talk to him and he’ll identify your target. Failing that, talk to the Madame of the brothel and use Axii and her and she’ll tell you what’s causing the trouble and where to find it.

How to Get in the House?¶

Depending on the route you took earlier, there are two ways in to see the Succubus. If you talked to the Madame and got the key, then… just use the key on the front door. If you followed the scent trail head into a house to the south of the one the Succubus occupies and head upstairs, where you’ll find a ladder along the northern wall. Climb it and go through a doorway and out onto a wooden walkway, where you’ll find another ladder to climb. Climb that ladder, too, then drop down into the Succubus’ house and head downstairs.

Deadly Delights Best Choice? Kill or Spare?¶

Either way, you end up confronting the beast. You’ll start out with a choice to either hear her side of the story, or kill her. In the former case, after hearing her story you can choose to let her leave Novigrad… or kill her. If you kill her you’ll get a “Succubus Trophy” , a “Succubus Mutagen” , a “Key to House in Novigrad” (making exiting much easier than entering was) and Assassin’s Gauntlets , among other things. She likes to cast fire spells, and backlash with a fire attack when you strike her, although Quen should protect you well enough in either case. No matter how you dealt with the seductive creature, you’ll end up with the Succubus’ Trophy, which ensures you get a full reward from the guard. If you spare her, the Succubus will give you the silver sword “Maugrim” , which is hardly unique anymore. Return to the guard for additional rewards.


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