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A game always helps us feel comfortable after stressful moments. Today, the game that will help you find joy in yourself is Dice Dreams. Adventure with friends in a colorful, magical world. Pick up the dice and fight all the remaining players on the field. Luck will help you get to the top and become the top of the game. Other great things are still waiting for you to discover.

In general, board games will be more prevalent when playing in real life. But when put on mobile devices, it still does not lose the fun it brings. Even Dice Dreams gives you things that go beyond a standard game. An exciting plot setting with unique fantasy characters. Fun music combined with cute visual effects suitable for all ages. It would be even better to play with your friends.

Dice Dreams mod

Download Dice Dreams mod – Roll the dice and win

You will transform into Bob, a funny guy who loves significant challenges. After his journey of discovery, he returns to find his homeland being dominated. Help him pick up his dice and fight that evil tyrant. The rules of the game will be the same as in reality, and anyone can play. You will roll the dice when it is your turn to move according to the number of points obtained. Then draw a card to see what effects it can bring. Depending on your luck, you can draw beneficial or harmful cards. Don’t be discouraged if you lose because there will be plenty of opportunities to try again.

There will be times when your dice will land in the three-sided Jackpot position during the turn. Thus, you will receive a lot of gold coins falling from the reward box. But you can’t always be so lucky. Try to play reasonably so as not to be overwhelmed by your enemies.

Dice Dreams mod free

Kingdom Building

The kingdom you live in will be divided into many different parts arranged around. Each section is a large palace for cute friends to live in. After each game screen, you will collect a considerable amount of gold coins for yourself. This amount of gold will be used to restore the works to their original state. Escape from vandalism leading to dilapidation and severe deterioration. You can even make it more beautiful than before with your own hands. Complete the construction so you can move on to other locations ravaged by war. Don’t let everything that belongs to you be stolen.

Solid defense

In the process of fighting enemies, you will have to limit them to attack your buildings. To avoid this, ideally, use the shields you earn. These shields will be collected if all three sides of the dice are shields. You can store up to three guards to be able to fight. Use it to defend during turns where the opponent has a solid offensive ability. If done effectively, you will significantly reduce the amount of damage taken. Make your build and recovery process faster. Don’t take too much damage by attacks.

Dice Dreams mod apk

Confront with friends

Besides your kingdom, there will be many other great kingdoms. That’s where the other players tried to build with their strength. You can ultimately challenge them to duels for the benefit. Implement Attack Methods to damage their kingdom. Defend against their powerful hits and even steal their gold. These confrontations will give you a more exciting feeling than when playing the story. Show your talent and strength to be able to judge the level. From there, make more efforts to become a high-class player.

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Share achievements

Dice Dreams can be connected to the popular social networks that you are using today. These social networks will be where you can update all the things you like, from achievements, progress, lavish gifts, or sharing to friends. Just click a button, and the things you want will be immediately posted on your page. Help you express what you want and spread it to everyone. Invite them to join to increase the excitement of playing this game. Dice Dreams mod is a place that can connect everyone.

Download Dice Dreams MOD APK (Unlimited Rolls) for Android


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