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Dreame is a platform like Webnovel where we can read thousands of addictive stories. Dreame highly focuses on romanced-based stories and on female readers.

Dreame offers many Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller, WereWolf, Fantasy, Western, and so on.

Dreame hosts highly addictive and popular stories like The Silent Alpha, My Miracle Luna, Dr.Luna, The Last Alpha, Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas, and so on.

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While on Dreame, you can only read those stories digitally, there’s also an option to get physical books from Amazon.

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Note: Most of the Stories listed below are free. But the Status may have changed by the time you are reading this.

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Now Let’s discuss the FREE and Completed Stories from Dream.

Best Dreame Free and Completed Stories

Free & Completed Dreame Stories

The Would-Be Alpha King

The story follows Montrell Hart, who is seeking to become the Alpha of Diamond Peak. On his quest, he meets Evelyn Hayes and falls in love with her. However, they face challenges and threats that could tear them apart. The strength of their bond as mates will determine whether they can overcome these obstacles and stay together.


The story is about a girl named Beth who is shy and doesn’t have any friends at school. She is bullied by her neighbor, Kian. One day, Beth is faced with a difficult situation and must decide whether to become Kian’s partner or risk having her secrets exposed. They end up getting married the next day.

Eternal Damnation

The story follows Ezekiel, who has been away from the Alpha Queen and her pack for 13 years. He has since established a college for the supernatural where they can come together without fear of persecution, but he finds running the school to be a tedious task and enlists his friend Marco to help him.

Together, they also create a small team to investigate threats that could disrupt the fragile peace between werewolves, vampires, humans, and hunters. However, their latest mission turns out to be much more sinister than they anticipated, and they must team up with Aurora, a witch who has been cursed and finds herself out of time in a new world, to defeat the forces that seek to destroy all supernatural creatures.

Craving Souls

Aashna is devastated after learning that the love of her life, Adwait, has given up on her. She is struggling to come to terms with the pain and uncertainty of the situation. She wonders if she was not worth the effort, if she was just a choice, and if they should have tried harder before giving up. She reflects on the importance of effort in any relationship and the need to keep trying, even in the face of defeat. Join Aashna and Adwait on their emotional journey as they navigate the challenges of love and relationships.

The Emergence Of The Wolf

The protagonist of the story is a regular girl who discovers that she has ancient werewolf blood running through her veins. As she learns more about her true identity, she finds herself drawn into a dangerous situation. She is captured by a stranger who reveals that werewolves have been stripped of their power and forced to serve vampires. The stranger threatens the lives of her loved ones if she does not comply with their demands. The protagonist must decide what she will do in this desperate situation.

The Beta’s Mistake

The protagonist’s parents are declared traitors and she is punished for their actions by being treated as a slave within the Beta family’s household. However, she soon discovers that others within the pack are trying to exploit her. She must decide whether to uncover the truth about her parents’ fate or risk dying in the process.

The Wisteria Alpha

The story follows Lotus and her sisters, who have been hunted for the past 10 years due to a family secret. Lotus must accept her destiny and live without her mate. Meanwhile, Alpha Devlin is determined not to have a mate due to his lingering feelings for a past relationship. However, a chance encounter brings them together, and they must navigate their feelings for each other and the threat of danger that surrounds them.

Whatever It Takes: The Royal Romance

Princess Karina, in order to save her people from suffering at the hands of the enemy army, begs King Hayden for mercy and offers herself as a sacrifice to marry the enemy king. However, the enemy king, known as the Burning Fury, has peculiar needs that Karina must endure in their marriage. As they navigate palace politics and assassination attempts, their relationship is tested.

Alpha Ruby

Ruby, an Alpha werewolf, finds her mate at a pub on her 21st birthday but is disappointed to discover he is a human waiter. However, the waiter, Max, is actually a werewolf in disguise and sets out to make Ruby fall in love with him before revealing his true identity.

Broken Mates

She realizes that the person she kissed is her mate, but he is apologizing because he has known all along that she is his mate and has been rejecting the bond between them. She is shocked and hurt by this revelation and asks him if she is unappealing to him. He does not respond.

The Lycademy series

The Woodlands Academy, also known as Lycademy, is a school for werewolves entering adulthood. At this school, students learn about their world and train in various skills. Many of them also hope to find their soul mate, which is becoming increasingly difficult in the werewolf world. The main character, Nica, is a member of the Crescent Moon Pack and has two brothers, one of whom is also a student at the school. Finding love is never easy, but many students at Lycademy are successful in finding their mates.

Last Dragon’s Baby

After a frustrating day, Alma, a 22-year-old witch, goes to a club and gets drunk. The next morning, she wakes up next to a stranger and flees the room. This encounter turns out to have serious consequences for Alma, as the stranger, Egan, has secrets that put her life in danger. Egan has enormous power and responsibility, and when his secrets start hunting Alma, she must team up with him to protect herself. However, neither of them wants to be near the other, and they must overcome their reluctance in order to face the risks together. It remains to be seen whether their proximity will rekindle old feelings or if they will be able to maintain their distance.

Caught Between Brothers

This story is about a romance writer named Rose who returns to her parent’s home and is confronted with memories from her past. She falls in love with her best friend, Dexter, but it ends badly. When she returns home, she meets Jace, Dexter’s younger brother, and begins to face the world again with his help. She is hesitant to fall in love with him because of their age difference and the fact that he is her ex-best friend’s brother. Dexter also wants to reconnect with her, but it is uncertain if they can rebuild their friendship.

Hate Marriage

The Blue moon pack and the Half moon pack have been rivals for decades, but they decide to end their enmity and propose an alliance. As part of this alliance, the Prince of the Blue moon pack, Hunter, must marry the Princess of the Half moon pack, Roseline, whom he has never met before. Hunter’s pack is cursed and they can never find their mate because they can never feel the mate bond. They have to have a chosen mate for ages and are trying to find a solution to end this curse. Hunter hates Roseline without even meeting her because she is the daughter of his rival pack.

But after meeting her, he can’t help but feel a pull toward her. Roseline also hates Hunter and is confused by his caring and protective behavior. There is something dangerous after Roseline and a secret behind the attacks on the Blue moon pack. Hunter must find the culprit and save Roseline and his pack. Will the curse on the Blue moon pack ever end, and will Hunter realize he has a mate? And who wants to kill Roseline, and why? And most importantly, what will happen when Roseline finds out her true identity?

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