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Looking at a coffin

A dream in which you see a coffin in front of you must be taken as a dire warning of untimely departure about to happen. It could be symbolic of the bereavement which you will feel at the sudden demise of a loved one who might be a close friend or family member.

A coffin with a deceased person

Dreaming about a coffin with a person who has passed away lately is symbolic of bad vibes coming your way. It portends the demise of a person whom you might know as an acquaintance or the death of a total stranger.

Coffin in the backyard

Someone dreaming about a coffin in my house backyard.

A coffin in your backyard is a bad omen pertaining to an untimely death. This person who saw the coffin in a dream likely sensed an upcoming tragedy in your household. Take this as a sign that you and your family need to get yourselves checked in case one of you has been suffering from an undetected disease. On the other hand, this vision could also refer to a significant loss such as bankruptcy, a divorce or annulment. You can use this ominous dream to get your household in order if you want to prevent unpleasant situations.

Someone you know in a coffin

Seeing an acquaintance either a friend or someone familiar lying in a coffin portends that you are about to receive good tidings about this particular person. This pleasant news could be regarding their success and exceptional achievements. It could also signify that this individual is about to become eminent or famous.

Coffin being transported

Dreaming about a coffin being carried on a pyre by people or being transported in a hearse can be taken as a symbol of negativity. It can portend a certain period or spell of ill health in the form of lingering sickness or the inability to inculcate an abiding relationship with someone with whom you are currently involved.

Two coffins next to each other

I dreamt about 2 coffins standing next to each other, that’s all I could remember and I don’t usually remember my dreams?

The symbolic imagery of coffins in your dream is not necessarily negative. From a spiritual point of view, this vision indicates a rebirth after a difficult period or the next step towards your life path. In a more pragmatic sense, this vision can also mean that you may soon be getting a promotion or your work-related qualities are going to be recognized by your boss. Seeing two coffins positioned next to each other can be a sign of two closely related opportunities waiting for you.

Deceased rising from a coffin

Dreaming about a deceased person resurrecting from a coffin could portend that you are about to be visited by people whom you have not encountered or caught a glimpse of for an extended period of time.

An empty coffin

Dreaming about a vacant coffin which is void of a dead body of the deceased person could indicate that you would soon be procuring a real estate. It could also signify that you might be securing a new place or property to live in the immediate future.

A coffin floating on the water

Dreaming about a coffin afloat on top of water is symbolic of the good vibes coming your way. It could mean that you are about to acquire affluence and material wealth because of some unanticipated occurrence which might come as a pleasant surprise for you.

Your own coffin

Dreaming about your own coffin is symbolic of negativity or unfavorable changes which are about to take place in your life. These could be either in the form of failures and downfalls in projects which you could undertake or it could mean that the current relationship which you are involved in might become short-lived.

Buying a coffin

Dreaming about purchasing a coffin or multiple coffins is an indication of good vibes coming your way. It could signify that you are about to become successful and affluent. It could also symbolize the prevalent tranquility within your family life and the support which you will receive from your family members.

Coffin obstructing your way

A dream in which you see a coffin obstructing your way or acting like an obstacle is a symbol of positive vibes coming in your direction. It could mean that you will be prosperous and triumphant over people who have been your adversaries and whom you considered to be invincible and unbeatable.

Coffin being lifted by others

Dreaming about a coffin being carried by a horde of people in order to take it to another place or to the cemetery is symbolic of negativism about to enter your life. This negativity could either be in the form of the misfortune you will face in trying to accomplish certain tasks or it could also mean periods of confrontations and animosity towards you from your family members.

Lying in a coffin

Dreaming about reclining in a coffin or sitting atop of it could be symbolic of you suffering from a severe illness. It could also portend that you might be facing conflicts with people who are in your proximity. It might also symbolize that you will feel regret and remorse over your recent behavior or actions.

Carrying a coffin

Dreaming about hoisting a coffin either alone or being a part of a congregation carrying a coffin has positive connotations. It could signify the prosperity and success which you will achieve by gaining the respect and adulation of those around you. This adoration could be a result of your achievements or the successful endeavors which you had undertaken.

An open coffin

Dreaming about an open coffin or one which is ajar or only half open has negative connotations. It could portend the demise of a loved one or someone who is a close friend or family member.

A tiny coffin

Dreaming about a miniature or undersized coffin must be taken as a sign of warning. It might be significant of potential threats or dangers which you might face. No matter how hard you struggle, these tribulations might become difficult to get rid off and might multiple to become an ordeal for you in the near future.

Coffin being brought to your house

A dream in which you see a vacant coffin or one with a body of the departed soul inside your house could be symbolic of you receiving some sort of good news. Either in the form of an accomplishment at work like a big promotion or finding better job opportunities for yourself somewhere else in the near future.

Empty coffins in and around the house

I had a nightmare, it turns to be a repeating one once a year. It is about a lot of empty coffins surrounding inside and outside of our house.

An empty coffin in dreams could signify an opportunity to acquire land or real estate in reality. It may also reveal a possibility that you would move or reside in a new place or location sometime soon. On the other hand, the recurring aspect of this particular dream vision may reveal your desire to explore other places and opportunities. Perhaps you think there are more personal goals you can accomplish and more places you can visit making you feel more productive and motivated. You could be yearning for something to ignite the passion and excitement within you. This may be achieved by a change of scenery or a change of pace.

Opening a coffin

A dream in which you see yourself approaching a coffin and unbolting it is symbolic of great negativity in your life. These negative vibes could be in the form of disastrous situations which are ill fated as well as unfortunate and in which you might become an unwilling participant.

Standing by a coffin

Dreaming about standing by a coffin while being part of the funeral could represent positive vibes coming your way. It could signify triumphs and success in your achievements. It could also symbolize the profits which you will reap and longevity in life. If there are certain obstacles which you have been facing recently, this dream also signifies that those hindrances will absolve by themselves.

Skipping a class by hiding in a coffin

I dreamed that my friends were skipping a whole day’s class by putting themselves in a coffin all day, 6 feet under and sleep mostly. I was willing to try it and I’m claustrophobic but I was getting ready to try but I woke up early.

Skipping classes in the dream world suggests avoiding responsibilities in reality. You could be faced with temptations to neglect your duties in favor of more hedonistic pursuits. Furthermore, sleeping in a coffin alludes to escapism. Coffins in dreams typically represent a safe place or a comfort zone, so hiding out inside one represents your reluctance to confront your problems. Therefore, waking up early from your slumber means that there is no escaping your responsibilities. Sooner or later you would have to deal with them if you ever want them to go away.

Coffin covered with flowers

Dreaming about scrutinizing a coffin covered with flowers and wreaths to solemnize or commemorate the passing away of a person in church or any other religious ceremony could portend a few negative elements about to enter your life. These could be in the form of an ill-fated engagement or it could also symbolize that you are about to become a part of a disastrous and doomed marital relationship.

For those who are in the field of farming this dream portends possible suffering due to losing your harvest or the casualty of your cattle and farm animals. Additionally, for those associated with the field of business this dream signifies the collapse of projects or inability to meet deadlines for work which is currently in progress.

A coffin up close

Dreaming about standing in close proximity of a coffin or inspecting it meticulously could portend that a phase in your life is about to come to an end or a halt. This could also be significant of new beginnings or the fact that now your life would centre around these recent changes from this time onwards.

Dead person waking up in coffin

To see someone who is deceased wake up in a coffin is associated with feelings of mortality. You could get a health scare soon, forcing you to reevaluate your life and make better choices. The dead person in this scenario is an aspect of yourself shrouded in mystery. Perhaps this health emergency or medical issue will expose bad habits or abuse which you are shrugging off or denying to yourself. This is a crossroad in your life which will define whether you have a better future or keep going down a dark path.

Coffin moving by itself

Dreaming about a coffin moving all by itself without the help or aid of anyone can portend omnious vibes. It could be symbolic of the humiliation or scandal which you might have to face because of your own dishonorable behavior. On the other hand this dream could also signify a lover’s tiff between you and the person you are currently involved with.

Dropped coffin

Dreaming about a coffin being dropped on the ground or hearing a sound of a coffin falling down is symbolic of good vibes coming your way. It might be an indication that you will be triumphant in avoiding negative events or situations with the help from an exalted source or of the fact that you have a guardian angel who is concerned about your welfare and is always ready to help you.

Coffin for married couples

For those who are married dreaming about a coffin could be symbolic of a few bad vibes coming their way. This negativity could either be in the form of a relationship gone bad, either due to misunderstandings or discords. It could also symbolize that you might lose your current love to an ill-fated or calamitous event or incident.

Making a coffin

Dreaming about yourself building or assembling a coffin can be taken as a positive sign. It could be symbolic of pleasant situations of which you might become a participant like a forthcoming wedding celebration. On the other hand, it could also signify that you might be at the receiving end of considerable profits at work or you might be promoted to a higher position.

Coffin and funeral

The combination of a casket and a funeral conveys both positive and negative meanings in the dream world. A coffin can be seen as an ill omen signifying death, while a funeral heralds blessings and rewards. A funeral is also a religious and spiritual process of tying loose ends in order to move forward with a lighter heart and a clearer mindset. Together these symbols indicate a trying time from which you will emerge victorious.

Coffin rising from a grave

Seeing a coffin resurrecting from a grave can be considered as a positive sign. It could signify a time of great contentment and bliss in your life. This happy period is something which you might have been waiting for quite some time and now that it has arrived it will leave you feeling glad and joyful.

A small coffin filled with things

I was at a funeral and I was carrying a small child’s coffin. Then the coffin opened and there was a bottle of wine in it and then there was a poem of Winnie the Pooh on the bottle.

Carrying a coffin is a positive dream symbol. It means you would be able to enjoy a new level of personal success by gaining the respect of your friends and colleagues. The bottle of wine symbolizes celebration. Since you are going to achieve something significant in the near future, you deserve to enjoy the rewards you would attain from all your hard work. Finally, the Winnie the Pooh poem represents nostalgia. The fact that you are slowly inching closer to your dreams would trigger sentimentality and make you reflect back on your past struggles.

Bulky and heavy coffin

Dreaming about a massive and colossal coffin could be considered to have positive connotations. It could signify that you are about to accomplish success in your endeavors. On the other hand it might also be symbolic of the harmony within your family or close circle of friends.

You in a closed coffin

Dreaming about yourself lying in a closed coffin might have some negative connotations. This could signify certain ailments and afflictions due to ill-health. These health problems could also be psychological in nature pertaining to the fact that you are either disregarded or forgotten by people whom you had once considered to be your trustworthy friends or companions.

Coffin with your name engraved

Dreaming about a coffin with your name engraved upon it or a wreath bearing your name must be taken as a warning. It should be taken as a sign of caution which you must adhere to like a change in your habits or lifestyle. This modification in your routine or way of life is mandatory if you want to achieve success in your every day chores.

Digging a hole to put a coffin in

Dreaming about digging the ground to place a coffin in is symbolic of few changes in your life. These alterations could be regarding your marital status and the fact that you would like to enter a new phase in your relationship. This might mean that you are ready to tie the knot because it’s an alternative which appeals to your morality and the fact that you cannot live a happy life without your partner being beside you at all times.

A coffin covered with soil

Dreaming about layering a coffin with earth portends negativity in your life. These bad vibes could affect your health and might cause you to become unwell. On the other hand, you might not feel well because of some existing lingering illness or health problems.

You rising from a coffin

Dreaming about yourself reclining in a coffin and then resurrecting from it could be taken as a positive sign. This could indicate that you are about to recover your strengths, buoyancy and confidence. It could signify a time of calm and tranquility which would be a direct result of the confidence that you will discover within yourself. You will have success in every endeavor which you will undertake.

Hiding in a coffin

Dreaming about concealing yourself in a coffin from somebody could portend that you might be a recipient of unanticipated news. Perhaps an invitation to a wedding nuptials or the engagment of a person whom you never thought would be the first to tie the knot or enter a committed relationship

Coffin covered with dust

Dreaming about a coffin completely or moderately covered with dust must be taken as a warning. It signifies the manifestation of evil and vile forces surrounding you. These malicious stimuli will have a negative bearing on the quality of your life and will bring much trouble and distortion in your life.

Sleeping in a coffin

Dreaming about having a slumber in a coffin could be symbolic of good times ahead. It could signify that you will have a blissful and pleasant time with someone. However, for those who are sick, this dream could have a slightly negative connotation. It could portend ill health or certain obstacles and tribulations in trying to overcome the illness.

Coffin made of gold

Dreaming about a coffin decked out in gold or ornamented with gold detailing is symbolic of positive vibes coming your way. It means that you might become very successful. These achievements of yours could be a result of certain sources which you had never considered to be quite so resourceful or of any considerable importance. This will indeed be a pleasant surprise for you.

Coffin for older people

A dream in which an elderly person envisions a coffin is a forwarning for them. It could portend that they are at the conclusive stage of life and might pass away in a little while.

Trying to close a coffin

Dreaming about trying to seal a coffin has positive connotations. It could signify that there are some affirmative changes about to take place in your personality. You might develop the aptitude to manage your habits and lifestyles. This in turn would enhance and improve your lifestyle or it could also signify that you would be able to get rid of negative qualities which inhibit you in achieving better things in life.

Lying between two coffins

I saw a dream in which I was lying between two coffins. I was lying on a red cloth staring at the coffins. I saw the dream early morning around 6.30am. What does this mean? I am a 26 year old Indian female.

The red cloth you lay upon symbolizes the strong emotions that run deep within you. This means you usually have a strong emotional response to unfolding situations though it is usually justified. The two coffins on either side of you could indicate watching others make mistakes while you remain untouched by their lack of success. While this is positive for your life and circumstances, you may feel guilty at achieving greatness while seeing others being less fortunate.

A coffin placed in a hearse and some hair

I see a hearse waiting on the coffin to be placed in it. And the driver pulled the hearse up closer to where I was sitting so that I don’t see the men bringing it to the hearse. It wasn’t the trunk that was open, but the back door on the left. I also see some hair on the ground that I was thinking belonged to the person in the coffin, when I got up from where I sat under a palm tree, some of the hair was hooking into my high heel shoes. The hearse was black and the inside of it had a red finish.

Seeing a hearse in your dream could be a sign that you are entering a new phase in your life. The hearse represents parts of yourself or your history that you need to put to rest or let go of. The hair, presumably belonging to the deceased person, which got caught in your heels indicates a loss of balance and energy. Maybe the aspect of yourself that you want to get rid of is associated with depressive thoughts or negative feelings. It could also refer to your tendency to wear yourself out in your day-to-day activities. You may be yearning for a chance to recharge and regain your inner balance.

Trying to stand on rocking coffins

I was in a house that kept shaking and I couldn’t get out, but when I did, I walked onto a stage that had tombstones all over it. The next thing I know, I’m standing on rocking coffins and I’m struggling to stay standing while my crush is standing next to me and he’s not struggling to stay standing.

This vision is highly ominous and warns of some serious troubles which may affect your relationship in the near future. The first sign is that of the shaking house, which can be interpreted literally to indicate a “shaky” financial situation. At present, you probably do not have any money saved up and may even be in debt and, therefore, under a financial strain. The dream then moves you to the image of tombstones, which are often thought to represent the slow death of a close relationship, usually romantic. Together with the first symbol, it seems very likely that the problem is related to money. Coffins which shake and shift imply that the other party in this relationship is about to move on despite your best efforts to keep it viable.

A child’s coffin carried by people

Dream meaning of seeing a coffin of a child being carried by people heading your way.

Child-sized coffins are a highly ominous sign associated with oncoming hardship and distress, particularly given that it was being carried towards you. Your efforts to struggle and overcome these challenges are likely to be futile, leading only to more angst and frustration in your future.

A coffin falling into a car

A coffin falling into the car.

Cars are often symbolic representations of our journey through life, so seeing one in a dream vision may reflect the current status of your daily being. If the road seemed bumpy, it may portend troubles and tribulations. On the other hand, a smooth road signifies ease and comfort. The coffin that fell represents the end of this period. If the falling coffin caused the car to crash or be damaged, it may point toward a sudden, jarring end which leaves you feeling off-center and shocked.


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