How Should Christians Interpret Dreams about the Dead?

Dream Visitations

Sometimes dreaming about the dead involves dream visitations, where late loved ones communicate important messages to you, with God’s permission. God may allow such communication to take place if doing so will serve a good purpose for you spiritually.

In my book Wake Up to Wonder, I tell the story of a dream visitation from my mother. Years had passed since Mom’s death, but I still missed her every day, so I asked God to send her the simple message that I was thinking of her with lots of love. I dreamed about Mom on the same evening when I had prayed for God to give her that message. Mom, whose body had been ravaged by cancer before she died, appeared as a healthy young adult. A radiant light emanated from her, and I could feel her joy. Mom and I met in a setting that looked like a busy airport. Then Mom spoke to me telepathically – directly mind-to-mind. She told me that she was learning a lot in heaven and was grateful for how active she could be there. Mom laughed as she told me that heaven is far different from the cartoon depictions of it, which showed bored people sitting around passively on clouds. We talked through telepathy for a few minutes before Mom said she had to go, but she would be supporting me in prayer from heaven for the rest of my earthly life. When we said our goodbyes with expressions of love, I felt loving energy roll over me like a powerful wave. Mom exited by ascending an escalator, which she told me represented her soul’s learning process in heaven.

That dream was so clear, vivid, and impactful that it seemed more real than a regular dream. If you experience a dream about communicating with your departed loved ones that feels especially strong, God may have blessed you with a dream visitation.

How Should Christians Interpret Dreams about the Dead?

Christians should interpret dreams about the dead as we would interpret any type of dream – by relying on God’s guidance to figure out the true meaning, and the best ways to respond.

It’s important to record the details of any dream you have about your late loved ones. That way, you can reflect on the dream and pray about it, to learn whatever God wants to teach you spiritually through the experience. Immediately after you wake up, write down whatever details you can remember. Start with whatever you recall first, and then work backward to see if you can remember any other details. In the case of a dream visitation, it should be easy to remember your dream clearly.

Then ask the Holy Spirit to help you interpret the dream’s message accurately. Prayerfully consider the personal or universal symbolism of the images and words in your dream. Did your departed loved one communicate with you – and if so, what was the message? What can your dream’s setting and action tell you? Were there certain colors, shapes, or numbers that have special meaning for you? How might God be using the dream to help you heal from your grief, deepen your trust in him, and move forward with peace and even joy?

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