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Explore the Dream of the Vasara Tree is an objective for Sumeru’s Aranyaka Part II quests in Genshin Impact. See how to explore all three Dreams of the Vasara Tree domains, and how to complete this objective in this guide!

How to Explore the Dream of the Vasara Tree

Dream of the Vasara Tree in Gloomy Path

Gloomy Path’s Vasara Tree Walkthrough 1 Defeating the enemies unlocks the first Primeval Rosins. 2 Play the Vintage Lyre on the Phantasmal Gate to open up a transport to the higher floor. 3 Grab a Dendrograna and shoot the three flying rings with a bow to get the second Primeval Rosins. 4 Go back and head inside the room beside the second Primeval Rosins. 5 Open up another portal with the Vintage Lyre on the right side. 6 Create a bridge with the blue flower to the other side. 7 Destroy the wall on the other side of the bridge with any attacks to get the third Primeval Rosin. 8 Pull yourself to the top with the Four-Leaf Sigil from a blue flower. 9 Press Activate to open the door with three Primeval Rosins in hand. 10 Defeat all Fungi enemies in the room.

The Rhythm that Leads to the Gloomy Path

Dream of the Vasara Tree in Nurtures the Sprout

Sprout’s Vasara Tree Walkthrough 1 Unlock the blue flower by defeating all Fungi. Open the door by interacting the flower. 2 Once inside, grab a Dendrograna and shoot all floating rings in sequence. 3 Play the Vintage Lyre to an inactivated Dendrograna. 4 Grab the Dendrograna, then shoot the middle ring. 5 Ride the elevator and make your way inside the huge bulb. 6 Defeat all Fungi enemies in the room.

The Rhythm that Nurtures the Sprout

Dream of the Vasara Tree in Beastly Trail

Beastly Trail’s Vasara Tree 1 Play the Vintage Lyre on the symbol beside a Claustroflora flower. 2 Drop down and defeat the Fungi to get the first Primeval Rosins. 3 Play the Vintage Lyre on another symbol on the wall. 4 Jump on the bouncy mushroom, and look around you to find the second Primeval Rosins. 5 Spawn new Four-Leaf Sigils by using Dendro on the plant. 6 Grab a Dendrograna, then hit all four floating rings from left to right to get the third Primeval Rosins. 7 Drop down and activate the door with all Primeval Rosins. 8 Defeat all Fungi enemies in the room!

The Rhythm that Reveals the Beastly Trail

Explore the Dream of the Vasara Tree Information

Objective in Aranyaka: Part II Rhythm Quests

This objective is a necessary step to advance the following Dream Nursery quests:

All Rhythm Quests Leads to the Gloomy Path Nurtures the Sprout Reveals the Beastly Trail

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