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I’m new to itchio. Do the games on here stay free or become paid after they are complete? (I’ve only ever paid for games on Steam. Will this be on Steam if it is paid?) This is my first comment/ review ever on ITchio.

Anyways this is my comment/review and is probably not the majority opinion but it’s my honest opinion on the game and my suggestions as well (Which are bias to my own opinion as well).

I really like the game so far BUT I like the first half more than the second half. In fact I don’t like the second half as much especially with the game we have to play (Please make it optional and not mandatory… I haven’t played all routes yet but I think it’s mandatory).

Also my favorite girls are Avis and KoKo. (I wish to tell KoKo that I want her free to make her own choices. I love her kind attitude…. I wish Avis was a bit cooler headed… but I love her free spirit…. Obviously I don’t like the bullies or the girls who associate with them. Not far into the game yet)] to know about them because I have not played all routes).

I am very happy this has monogamous routes and not Harem routes… I’m not too far into the game but how can we talk to the other girls without feeling like we are betraying KoKo/Avis?(Only for future playthrough…. Isn’t it weird I hate the idea of harem but I am somewhat okay with playing multiple playthroughs to see each characters route…IS that bad?)

BUT Actually I think you should make it s that we are NOT forced to do sexual things with other girls. Starting when we have to play “the game” like when I wanted the Avis route we have to get kissed my Selene if we win the ball game and the kiss with koko is required too… so I can’t do Avis route without kinda cheating? (You should allow us to choose NOT to participate in the game… or at least NOT have to do things with other girls aside from the one you want as your route?)

Actually I have a lot of personal dislikes about “the game” (Mainly because we cannot partner with out chosen girl and are fored to particiate) and we have to play. I would prefer if we could just choose NOT to play that game… But anyways at one point we can see our characters Pen*s and it is huge like a 7 or 8 inch… you should make some type of option at the beginning of the game where we can filter some things like our Pen*s Size. Small Medium and Large… if possible. I have a small one in RL and would love to be able to have a character that also could be the same size so can you make different imaged based on like a few questions before we play the game so we can choose a pure monogamous route, skip the game , select to not drink alcohol, and choose pen*s size? like small could be 1 to 3 inch, medium could be 4 to 6 inch, and large could be 7+ inch (I want an Avis route here she can encourage and talk good about my small pp and reassure me and I’m tired of games that make you have a big one when you actually don’t have a big one because it makes me upset honestly).

I would be okay if the game was only focused on shipping our Character and KoKo and no other girls rather then any harem type of game…. I definitely prefer either KoKo or Avis but I lean towards KoKo.

I am happy that we can reject Selena when she tries to have sex with you and gets on top of you to hurt Avis (I am doing Avis Route).. I hope you allow p more options to REJECT stuff. I personally don’t like drinking alcohol, I only want ONE girl and am VERY committed so I want a monogamous route with one lover and then friends who don’t try to kiss you or have sex with you.


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