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  • 22:00 > give a task to Sally
  • Summon Waifu officially > prefect’s meetings
  • Sally: issues of meetings
  • Summon Helena unofficially > ask her to spy
  • After 2 days ¡summon Helena > spying report
  • Sally: problems of meetings
  • Summon Minerva unofficially > apologize > invite her to drink > ask about prefects’ meetings
  • Summon Minerva officially > accompany to waifu’s dorm
  • Robe (hanging between bed and mirror)
  • 22:00 fly to the bathroom (broom)
  • Sally: solution to the meetings
  • Take girls’ favorite swimsuits (dorms) asking Minerva for accompany
  • Give x4 swimsuits to sorting hat
  • Sorting hat > help > ask for a swimsuit
  • Copy of Hermione’s swimsuit for other 3 girls
  • Place the new versions on their dorms (ropes)
  • After a few days the girls will visit you (wait for that)
  • Summon Luna, Susan and Daphne on monday, wednesday or friday > ask them to show the swimsuit
  • Summon them on sunday > ask again
  • Sally: crisis of the meetings
  • Summon Snape unofficially: new rules > another round x5 times > try convincing him again
  • Summon any girl officially > talk with her
  • After a few days the girls will visit you (wait for that)
  • Pensieve

Chapter 5 A New Leaf

From here on the Innocent Witches Walkthrough is divided into main and secondary quests

Make Commissars work:

  • Raise stats to max
  • Open stats tab > buy “influence” ability
  • Summon the girls officially > talk with them
  • Saturday: and summon them unofficially > Ask Hermione to spy on abandoned wing
  • Workday 10:00: go to main corridor
  • Click on all girls
  • Saturday > summon them unofficially
  • Summon Snape unofficially > commissars > Summon the girls unofficially > their duties > Summon Snape unofficially > commissars again
  • Write a letter to the council > wait for response
  • Summon Snape unofficially > ministry and alternative exit (apparition potion)
  • Use apparition potion at 22:00 > front entrance
  • Catalogue (noticeboard)
  • Summon Hermione officially > what she found (abandoned wing)
  • Drag black brews magazine on the desk
  • Sally: tough choice..

Dear Diary (Light Path)

  • Weekend: Ravenclaw dorm > talk with Flitwick’s portrait
  • Summon Minerva unofficially > money and diaries
  • Advance “Baker’s delight” minigame or “everything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve” sidequest
  • Go 4 dorms > find prefects’ diaries
  • Sally: diaries
  • Summon x4 girls officially > tampering with clothing to get the diaries (jinxes for Luna)
  • Read x4 diaries
  • Summon all 4 girls officially > invite them to seat and relax to use legilimency
  • Decrypt x4 diaries
  • Summon all 4 girls officially > invite them to drink (but Close the window and lit the fireplace before)

Trick a commissar into breaking IMVOIS (Dark Path)

Innocent Witches Walkthrough – Second Act

The second act of Innocent Witches Walkthrough is divided into main and sub quests from the beginning

Innocent Witches Walkthrough – Second Act Chapter 1 And so it Begins

Fix the Elder wand:

  • Summon Hermione officially > book > Wait x1 day
  • Bookshelf > Mustering Magic to Repair All That’s Broken


  • Sally: class activities
  • Cass 609 at 10:00, 14:00 or 18:00
  • Wait for lessons time (you can check the calendar)
  • Sally: class activities > eavesdrop on any lesson

New Skills and Private tutoring:

  • Raise stats to max
  • Buy 1st level of “ervor & all 3 levels of manipulation
  • Summon Minerva unofficially > tutoring > Summon Hermione officially > tutoring
  • Summon Hermione officially > 1st lesson
  • Hermione’ will visit you next week
  • Summon Susan and Daphne officially > 1st lesson
  • Summon Daphne officially >2nd & 3rd lesson
  • Hermione’ will visit you next week > apology
  • Thursday: summon Luna > tutoring
  • Summon Luna officially > influence ability > her dreams
  • Luna’s visit > help her pass the exam
  • After a few days she will visit you
  • Sally: other ideas, how to conduct the duties & what’s inside their heads
  • Raise stats to max
  • Door lock: the code is scratched on the desk
  • Summon x4 girls officially > what they forgot
  • Main corridor x4 times next workdays at 10am > conduct the duties
  • Summon Luna officially > reward
  • Summon Luna x4 times > completely & start stage 3
  • Amelia: Tutoring support
  • Susan will visit you, wait for that
  • Summon Susan officially > your idea
  • Summon Susan x9 times, but on weekend > complete her tutoring
  • Get sexecution catalogue progressing in size matters quest
  • x4 happy hunks magazines (Sexecution catalogue)
  • Boni Bonka: Order journal of science, from witch to woman, bewitched baking & beautiful beasts magazines in
  • Sally: other magazines
  • x4 happy hunks magazines on the desk (4 centerfolds)
  • x4 magazines from Boni Bonka on the desk > combine with the centerfolds
  • Summon x4 girls officially > give them new magazines
  • Complete stage 3: Order both d***** from Sexecution and summon Luna twice

Ligt & Dark Path:


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