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Leggings are a fashion staple, and I personally favor those with figure-enhancing features. If you feel the same, you’ll definitely love our best shapewear leggings list. They’re stretchy, slimming, and highlight your curves without constricting your movement. Plus, they go with everything!

Regardless if you’re plus size, more mature, or looking for a pair to wear to the gym, there are lots of leggings with body contouring to choose from. Best of all, they’re versatile in their look. From basic black to faux leather, there’s one for every occasion, and season. No wardrobe is complete without several pairs.

What are the best shapewear leggings?

What are stomach control leggings?

Stomach or “tummy control” leggings are high-waisted, and have light compression. This helps flatten your middle, disguising any pooch or food baby you may be sporting after lunch. Additionally, these type of leggings elongate the legs, and smooth the hips to create a leaner appearance.

It’s no surprise that some of the best shapewear leggings with stomach control comes from Spanx, the undergarment company that took the world by storm in 2010. Lots of their looks are high-waisted, and suck in muffin tops. Some, like these really cool faux-leather leggings, even have a contouring waistband to create an hour-glass shape.

The brand makes active leggings, seamless leggings, and leggings that look like jeans. They also offer free-shipping — always a nice bonus, especially if you’re revamping your closet. Other places to find leggings with stomach control include:

  • Athleta
  • Fabletics
  • Miraclesuit
  • Soma
  • Lululemon

What leggings make your legs look thinner?

When looking slender is your aim, fit is the name of the game. To find the best shapewear leggings for you, it’s wise to measure yourself first. This will minimize your chances of selecting a pair that’s too big or small. Length is also important.

Although shorter styles, like capri-length leggings, are cute, they can make you appear larger than you actually are. According to a blog post at Leonisa, longer or “ankle length” styles lengthen the leg, crating a taller, and leaner profile.

Best Shapewear Leggings

Spanx Ponte Ankle Leggings are a great option if you want to look like you’ve lost a few. They have a Slim Is Built In technology that minimizes your tummy, while lifting your bum. They can also be dressed up or down, as illustrated above.

Additionally, Miraclesuit’s Tummy Control Performance Leggings will also suck you in. The compression in the middle is light, so it doesn’t dig into your torso. This is great, because no one should sacrifice comfort for beauty!

What are Shapermint leggings?

Shapermint is a body-inclusive shapewear brand, and they offer everything from underwear to camis. Their compression leggings are extremely popular. More than 1,500 people on Amazon are obsessed with them for their anti-slip, tummy control waistbands, and buttery material. If you’re looking for leggings for daily wear, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Do compression leggings help cellulite?

Yes and no. Although some companies try branding their leggings as “anti-cellulite” or fat zapping, there’s no scientific evidence to back that up. The good news is that those of the compression variety are thicker, and perform a better job at hiding any dimples beneath.

Compression leggings, like the On-The-Go Leggings from Fabletics, are good for working out in. They’re light but durable, and include a deep pocket for your phone. They also have a design technology called Insta Lift, which gives the illusion of a firmer backside.

Other compression garments, such as socks or sleeves, are worn for therapeutic purposes. They’re tighter, and shouldn’t be worn continuously. According to the journal of Lymphatic Research and Biology, they’re helpful for conditions like lymphodema, but you may be better off sticking with the best lymphatic drainage machines if cellulite is your concern. They actually have technology to penetrate the epidermis, and stimulate fat cells.

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Best Shapewear Leggings


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