Solomon E Samples Lovely Lilith’s “Witch’s Brew” – There She Grows

Welcome back my victims! Err, I mean readers. Yes, that’s definitely the word I meant to use!

Since the last review, I traveled to a yakiniku restaurant not far from SolomonG’s residence. Once there, I dined on short ribs, beef tongue, and pork belly. Oh, and don’t let me forget about the honey pork. It was simply divine! Side dishes included staples such as spicy kimchi, white mushrooms, and steamed rice. Mighty tasty dishes to be sure, and the lemon-flavored whiskey highball that accompanied the grilled meats wasn’t bad either. Suffice to say, it was a robust meal, and afterward my clothes smell like charred flesh and garlic. Such an excellent experience! The intense heat hitting my face whenever I leaned over the grill is still fresh in my mind.

Now though, it’s time to satisfy a different appetite. Time to find a proper after-dinner refreshment. Hmm, think I’m in the mood to spend the evening with a suitably wicked woman and partake of her generous offerings.

“Witch’s Brew” by Lovely Lilith seems like just the ticket! This 17-minute long clip involves breast expansion and cock expansion, a delightful combination. Although it’s not that *I* personally need any cock expansion. Far from it! I, uh, just watched this to tell you guys, the fans, about it!

Additionally, my goody-two-shoes counterpart has already covered several of Lilith’s videos, such as “Hogwarts Breast Expansion Spell,” “Pump Your Cock Until My Breasts Burst!“, “Tiny lover,” etc. So, I suppose readers may want to read those posts. Of course, his prose pales in comparison to my own, but you may find something useful in his old reviews.

Returning to Witch’s Brew, the action begins when a male customer approaches Lilith while she is discussing a personal matter with a skeleton, whose name was Murray I think. It’s a little matter, but starting the clip with Lilith talking to Murray was a nice touch. It gave the feeling of a pre-existing world. That is in contrast to other video clips in which the fictional universes feel less real as they seem to exist only to tell solitary stories. In Witch’s Brew it felt more like this was a pre-existing universe in which we briefly entered, as opposed to a temporary setting which only exists for one small tale. (NOTE: That may be a stretch since this compliment is based upon only a single line of dialogue, but the world-building was appreciated even though it was exceedingly brief.)

Visual effects were used after Lilith dropped a few ingredients such as bat’s blood, tears of the innocent, etc. (normal items everyone keeps in their kitchen, or at least I do) into her large pot.

This is Lilith’s first day of the job. Lucky for us, her first customer requests a growth potion. Presumably, his hope was to gain a few inches in height and improve his romantic prospects. Alas, Lilith spills the concoction on the man’s crotch and then on her own chest. Care to guess what effects the misplaced potion causes?

Being a confident and independent woman, Lilith wonders aloud if a second helping would be even more fun after experiencing the initial transformation. Furthermore, Lilith broaches the idea of engaging in vigorous intimate contact with her patron. Accordingly, she strokes and sucks his cock. (NOTE: A large dildo represented the patron’s member.) There was no simulated cum shot unfortunately. Although, viewers do see Lilith’s chest in all its naked glory! (NOTE: She pulled her top down instead of tearing it apart with her expanding titties.)

Much as it pains me to admit, SolomonG was correct when he pointed out how one-person productions are the norm in the world of cam models. Cam model videos typically show performers carrying on conversations without the benefit of another person’s participation. That is also the case here. (NOTE: However, it appeared that someone else was present during the filming as they put the dildo in frame when it was time to show the man’s cock.) Perhaps customers appreciate that fact as it could make it easier to imagine themselves with the model since no one else is seen or heard. Yet, it can cause awkwardness as performers talk to themselves instead of working off of someone else. Maybe it would be good to produce videos featuring others playing the customer’s role from off-camera, even if they are not actually shown.

Lilith then precedes to ride her customer until experiencing an orgasm, a satisfactory ending indeed.

Overall, I give Witch’s Brew four spilled ladles out of five.

It would have benefited from a bit more care with the visual effects and the additional of another performer to voice the customer’s role. Full nudity, not just top but also bottom, and clothing destruction would have also been great. Nonetheless, I still recommend this to fans of buxom beauties simulating sex while exploring size-fetish themes.

Of note, the price for this clip varies significantly depending on where you find it. As of this writing, it costs $18.99 at Modelhub, but is over $9 cheaper at ManyVids where it sells for $9.49 at the following link: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/1550135/Witchs-Brew/

It’s also sold on Lilith’s PornHub page, but that’s for the same price as Modelhub. Thus, ManyVids appears to be the cheapest option. Alternatively, Witch’s Brew can be streamed by members of Lovely Lilith’s official site: https://lovelylilith00.com/

I have become thoroughly exhausted having spent a spirited evening with the Lovely Lilith! Best to rest for awhile. Think I’ll study curses next time. Maybe I’ll learn how to make a woman’s entire body grow, not just her breasts?

Until then, keep screaming!

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