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La Clairière revisited

You may have noticed that new friends are living in the hidden glade… Fairies! From now on, travel in this little land will be much less lonely, as fairies will be roaming around, casting spells, and challenging each other to magical battle sessions! Most importantly, you’ll meet the Ethereal Guardian, one of the most experienced fairies in the glade who watches over everyone and makes sure no intruders threaten their peaceful lives. A quick chat with them might even inspire you to become one of these enchanting beings! Of course, you can find your way to this place through the magical tree of Willow Creekbut there may be a more practical way through a small picturesque sculpture…

The generous fairy

In purchase mode, you’ll find a charming fairy sculpture standing on a pedestal with its hand outstretched. She is said to provide nearby plants with extra health and food, while encouraging sims to use their green thumbs! However, if someone is generous and offers her a flower or a pretty crystal, she can open a door to another country…


One of the two titular occult beings included in this mod is the fairy! Fairies are whimsical creatures who like to fly here and there and tend to leave a trail of glitter wherever they go. However, in the normal world it is important to blend in, so they have the ability to suppress their magic and appear like any other human. Plus, many aspects of their fairy form are fully customizable! Want to get rid of the glitter? There’s no more glitter. Wings are too bulky and reduce aerodynamic efficiency? No problem! Fairies are diverse creatures and can look any way you want. Just as they have unique characteristics, they also have unique powers and abilities! By practicing their fairy magic, they will unlock various spells that can be learned in a special book… But more on that later. Let’s move on to the next occult!


Most people think of spellcasters as the “witches” of the Sims 4and these people are wrong! Until now, they have been hidden and forced to practice magic in secret, but now they are ready to come out of the broom closet! Witches are darker and more down-to-earth than the spellcasters of the magical realm, practicing powers deemed too dangerous and inhumane to be tolerated. Guided by their spiritual ancestors, these magic wielders can rise in rank and gain experience by studying sorcery and fighting among themselves or even against fairies and spellcasters. There is much to learn, including the history of sorcery and why they are so disliked by other magical beings…

The altar of witchcraft

The witchcraft altar, found in purchase mode, is an important part of the budding witch supreme’s decor. This intriguing surface is carved from an unusual material and has several uses. Humans may find it relaxing to meditate in front of it, and may even summon a surprise visitor. Witches, meanwhile, can use it to gain experience and hone their skills with their companions, as well as to cast special spells when altar configurations are in place. If certain items are placed in the right place, magic will happen…

Energy sources

One of the hallmarks of fairies and witches is their ability to form intimate connections with various elements of the world. Once a witch or fairy has entered into her magic, she may seek out a source of energy to draw from, which will affect how her magic manifests when she casts spells or practices. This will also affect the success rate, strength, result and overall effect of certain spells and how easily or quickly they can be learned, as well as unlocking interactions that are not available to other sims. Just start clicking on certain objects, or on the sim in certain circumstances, to find out what sources you can choose from!

The grimoires

Fairies and witches have useful guides to catalog their magical journeys! “The Fairy Handbook” and “The Witchcraft Guide” are essential for tracking your sim’s progress and learning new spells. Both can be found in purchase mode, but there are also other ways to get them…

Benefits and spells

What would fairies and witches be without a little magic? Well, don’t worry, because there are plenty of spells to learn. As long as your magic skills are developed enough, or you have the right power source, any spell can be learned from the Fairy Handbook or the Guide to Witchcraft. Keep practicing your magic and gaining experience and you’ll be casting spells like a pro!

In addition to spells, perks can also be gained by increasing the fairy form or witch rank! Perks have more to do with the personality and lifestyle of a fairy or witch than spells and affect things like skill acquisition speed, transportation, or how you live your life… These abilities can be developed at the statue of the fairy giver or at the altar of witchcraft if a sim’s experience is high enough!


Several items for CAS are available, including many variations of wings in different styles, and are easily identified by a small icon in the upper right corner of the thumbnails. I admit that creating CAS items is not my strong suit, so there are some imperfections, but I wanted to include content that works well with the mod even if you don’t use any other CC. IMPORTANT: The included wings have a transparent mesh that uses the texture space of the hat and will conflict with any objects that do the same thing. The nymph dress and fairy skirt also use a texture space that will conflict with some of the other CAS items, so it is best to experiment and determine what can be used together.

There is a special item called “Wing Skins” which, as you may notice, does not appear in CAS. This is because they are supposed to be invisible when the sim fairy is in human form. If you want to know how to use them, there will be a little article about them on my tumblr.


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