1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton shows off extreme weight loss in new

1000-LB SISTERS star Tammy Slaton has posted a new TikTok video that highlights her extreme weight loss.

Tammy made a three-part TikTok video where she reviewed freeze-dried candy that was sent to her, and she looks fantastic.

Tammy used to weigh over 700 pounds before going to rehabCredit: TLC
Tammy is back at home in Kentucky after spending over a year in rehabCredit: tammyslaton2020/tiktok

She sported a magenta T-shirt and black-framed glasses, and her red hair was pulled back.

At the beginning of the video, she mentioned that her nephew was standing in front of her, which is a sign that she’s out of rehab because her whole family lives in Kentucky, but the facility was in Ohio.

The TLC star then holds up a giant bag of freeze-dried peach ring candy in front of the camera.

Regarding the candy, she said: “I’m not going to try it all. My nephew might, but I’m not.”

She continued: “Just because I’m eating candy does not mean I got off my diet.”

As Tammy lifts her arms to hand the candy to her nephew, her loose skin is clearly visible on her underarms, showing how much weight she’s really lost.

The 1000-lb Sister is still hooked up to an oxygen tank, but her trach is nowhere in sight.


When fans on an online thread heard the news that Tammy was home from rehab, they were thrilled and super proud of all her hard work.

One said: “Coming from personal experience this is amazing to see proud of you Tammy.”

Another commented: “She looks great! And from this angle, it seems that her prominent infamous forehead has, unsurprisingly, been retired from its former glory. I am rooting for her to continue and get healthy.”

A third wrote: “You can really see the differences when she lifts her arms and you can see skin vs fat. She’s lost a lot.”

Someone said: “I really hope she’s ready to be home! I saw a picture of her at the movie theater (in a seat!), and Amanda posted a video of her riding in her car… in the PASSENGER SEAT!!! She’s made so much progress and I hope she’s able to keep it up.”


Last week, The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed that Tammy returned to Kentucky after abstaining from drinking alcohol, smoking, and vaping for nine months.

A source close to the star has shared Tammy is settling into her new healthy life. She’s working on walking longer distances and driving.

Tammy can also stand for short periods of time to give her friends and family hugs.

The U.S. Sun also revealed Tammy now weighs just over 400 pounds at the end of her 14-month rehab stay – and is nearly half her size.

After once tipping the scales at 700 pounds, Tammy lost a shocking 300 pounds in her battle against obesity.

Prior to being in rehab, the reality star spent the summer of 2021 partying.

She admitted she downed eight bottles of booze a week, and she also openly ate pizza, vaped, and asked friends for shots of liquor in clips from the show.

In the season three finale, she stopped breathing for a time after a party bender.

Fans were thrilled to see Tammy back at home, and they’re proud of her weight lossCredit: tammyslaton2020/tiktok
Tammy, who used to weight over 700 pounds, has lost about 300 poundsCredit: tammyslaton2020/tiktok
Tammy also got sober and stopped smoking and drinking while in rehabCredit: Instagram Tammy Slaton


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