Dreaming About Giving Birth: Symbolism and Messages

Dreaming about giving birth is a pretty weird dream, especially if you aren’t pregnant! These dreams can sometimes feel rewarding and fulfilling, but sometimes they can be terrifying. However, dreaming about giving birth is probably a really positive sign!

In this article, I will look at different reasons for dreaming about giving birth, and what these dreams might mean for you.

It is super important to pay attention to our dreams, as they are often a sign from our subconsciousness. We can learn so much from the dreamworld, allowing our psyche to guide us in the waking world.

So, why are you dreaming about giving birth?!

Dreaming About Giving Birth When You Are Pregnant

It is actually really common to dream about giving birth when you are pregnant, especially if it is your first time. This is because giving birth is such a major life event, and there are so many anxieties and worries involved!

If you are pregnant and dreaming about giving birth, your subconsciousness is practicing for the actual birth. Your mind is basically rehearsing for the birth so everything runs as smoothly as possible.

This may sound far-fetched- surely our minds aren’t that smart?!

But, this kind of explanation for dreaming is pretty popular amongst many psychologists! The Finnish neuroscientist and psychologist Antti Revonsuo puts forward the threat stimulation theory of dreams and argues that we dream because our minds are rehearsing possible threatening situations. By our mind allowing us to rehearse these situations, we are much more likely to get through them unharmed. Super interesting, right?!

Because giving birth is pretty scary, it makes sense that our psyche wants us to practice it before it actually happens in real life! I think it is super cool how our minds are helping us even when we are sleeping.

Dreaming About Giving Birth When You Are Not Pregnant

It makes sense to dream about giving birth when we are pregnant, but what if we have these dreams, and we are not?

Dreaming about giving birth when you are not pregnant can have a variety of reasons, and you may have to do a bit of thinking to work out what your psyche is telling you!

According to Freud, dreams serve as a window into our subconscious mind. He put forward the theory that when we dream, repressed desires, fears, and wishes come to the surface. Our psyche uses symbolism to express these things.

So, just because you are dreaming of spiders, doesn’t mean it is because you are scared of spiders! You gotta think about the symbolism of the spider.

So, when it comes to dreaming about giving birth, you need to think about the symbolism of birth and what it means for you!

Let’s look at some common reasons for dreaming about giving birth.

New Beginnings

A common reason why you may be dreaming about giving birth is that you are currently at the beginning of a new adventure. If we dream about birth or death, it is not because these things will occur in our lives, but rather the birth or death of a way of living will.

Giving birth in dreams is hugely symbolic of a fresh start and new opportunities. Because of this, it is a pretty exciting and positive dream to have!

Are you currently wanting a change of careers, but don’t know if you have the right skill set? Your subconsciousness is telling you that you have everything it takes to apply for your dream career and follow your true desires!

Perhaps you are at the beginning of a new relationship and don’t know where it is going. Now, dreaming about giving birth isn’t because you want to have babies with this person just yet! In fact, it is actually your psyche getting pretty excited about a new romance. You are leaving your anxieties and relationship issues behind you and moving forward in your new relationship.

If you are dreaming about giving birth, have a think about where you are in your life and what you need to do in order to follow your goals and dreams! Opportunities and new beginnings are just around the corner, and this is pretty exciting.

New Roles

A really interesting reason for dreaming about giving birth is because you have just found yourself in a brand new role, and don’t really know how to feel about it!

When you become a parent for the first time, you are both excited and terrified. Being a parent is a new role with new responsibilities, and it is a pretty serious task, too! You may be dreaming about giving birth because you have found yourself in a new role, and are a bit nervous about this.

This can be a caregiver role. Perhaps you are going to have to look after younger family members for a bit and are worried about your impact on their wellbeing. These new responsibilities can fill you with worry!

You may also have recently had a promotion and, even though it is exciting, you may still be pretty nervous about this new role. You may be feeling a little out of your depth, with responsibilities you have never had before.

It is really common to feel nervous when you have been put in a new role, but you must believe in yourself! You have this role for a reason, and it is because of your strength and personality. You are able to handle the challenges that you find yourself in, and come out on top.

Distress and Upheaval

Now, most dreams about giving birth are pretty positive, as they represent a new beginning and welcome exciting opportunities for you.

However, dreaming about giving birth can sometimes represent distress and upheaval. Something that you have been hiding will soon come to the surface, and you are going to have to face it.

There may be some serious problems in your waking life that you need to address. Are you ignoring a big issue? Do you know that something bad is brewing, but you are choosing to look the other way?

Your psyche is telling you to deal with this before it becomes a huge problem in your life!

Giving birth is a major life event, and you really can’t ignore it. Similarly, the thing that you are trying to ignore in your waking life is a big issue! You can’t keep pretending it doesn’t exist, and you need to face the situation you are in.

Once you have faced up to the facts, you can turn your attention to recovering from it and working towards a better and brighter future.


You may be dreaming about giving birth if you are feeling uncertain and confused about your path in life. You may be feeling as if you are at a crossroads in life, not knowing which way to turn.

Your subconsciousness is telling you that it is time to look inwards, exploring your spirituality and soul in order to figure out your true path in life.

It can be easy to get distracted from the true journey we are on. We may get stuck in boring jobs and repetitive routines, and feel as if we lack true direction in life.

Of course, it can be difficult to explore your spirituality and figure things out, especially if you are new to it all! However, there are tools you can use in order to connect with your spirituality.

You may want to look into different spiritual beliefs, such as animism, and see if you relate to these views. It may also be the perfect time to connect with your spirit guides, as your guides are here to help you on your journey in life!

Tarot, oracle cards, and automatic writing are all great ways of developing your spirituality. Try different things out and see what works for you! Spirituality is a journey, and everyone’s journey is different.

By developing your spirituality, you are able to connect with your true purpose in life and figure out your next step!

A Feeling of Limitless

One amazing reason why you might be dreaming about giving birth is that you currently feel limitless and ambitious.

This will often be the reason for your dream if you dream that you give birth unexpectedly. You may feel pretty surprised in the dream world, but there will be a sense of awe and wonder.

Your subconscious is reminding you of your personal power and your ability to do amazing things. You may be feeling a little uncertain about your path in life, but there is an excitement to this. You know that your life can go so many different ways, and you can’t wait to go out in the world and explore!

Like the Fool, you are at the beginning of your journey in life, and you are full of ambition. There are so many things you want to achieve, and you will be able to if you put your mind to it. You know some things will come out of the blue and surprise you, but this is all part of life’s ups and downs.

It is time to get out into the world and use your personal power to achieve anything you want to achieve!

You Are Supported

If you dream that you are giving birth in a hospital, surrounded by people, it is your psyche reminding you of the wealth of support that you have in your life.

Perhaps you have been feeling a little lonely right now, not knowing if people have your back. Are you going through a difficult time and bottling things up? Are you worried about burdening others with your problems?

Dreaming about giving birth in a hospital is a message from your subconsciousness, and it is pretty clear! You are supported, and so many people in your life care deeply about you.

It is time to reach out for help, connecting with those that are important in your life. Share your worries with your friends and family, and you will feel so much better for it!

Are You Dreaming About Giving Birth?

I hope this article has helped you understand why you are dreaming about giving birth! This strange dream can be caused by a few different things, but I think the message is mostly positive.

Transformations, changes, and new beginnings are a really important part of life, and you must embrace them to be your true self! Even if you are dreaming about giving birth for more negative reasons, such as feeling distressed or lonely, you can still take some positive out of it. Your psyche is telling you that you just need to address these issues and work on yourself. You have the power to change for the better.

Oh, and if you are a dream geek like me, check out our article about lucid dreaming. This is a super cool phenomenon, and properly fascinating!


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