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Witchcraft isn’t all about toads, newts, and flying on broomsticks. With over 800,000 Americans who identify as Wiccan, more and more people are choosing to partake in Pagan traditions and build their relationship with the natural world. Today’s practicing green witch cares as much about the earth as any environmentally-friendly non-witch — if not more. Call her a green witch: she has respect for Mother Nature, earth magick, and a passion for all things green.

Green witchcraft has seen a recent rise in popularity, as evidenced by the publication of popular witchcraft books, specifically the guide The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, And More, by Arin Murphy-Hiscock, in 2017.

What is a Green Witch?

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At a green witch’s core, Murphy-Hiscock explains, is a naturalist, an herbalist, a wise woman, and a healer. “She embraces the power of nature; she draws energy from the Earth and the Universe; she relies on natural objects like stones and gems to commune with the land she lives off of; she uses plants, flowers, oils, and herbs for healing; she calls on nature for guidance; and she respects every living being no matter how small.” These understandings are captured in the green witch’s Book of Shadows, a personalized recipe and spell book that contains herb blends and incantations. Each book is as unique as each witch’s handwriting.

Meanwhile, the Otherworldly Oracle defines a green witch as “someone who works with the elements, the local land spirits, and all things green.” These are witches that use their power to harness the energy of the natural sources around them, communing with plants and wildlife.

These witches are similar to healing ancestors such as druids and shamans.

The Difference Between a Green Witch and a White Witch?

While a green witch is focused on the wonders and mysticism of the earth, a white witch is concerned with practicing white magic. White witches use practical magic focused on the greater good and green witches focus efforts on the natural energy of the flora of the earth. Green witches and white witches are two types, but there are many other kinds of magick. Hedge witches, house witches, broom closet witches, and kitchen witches also exist alongside these.

What Does Wiccan Mean?

Wicca, or today’s “witchery,” is a modern pagan religion which uses ancient pagan and 20th-century hermetic motifs as its theology. Wiccans worship a Horned God and Mother Goddess, and celebrate the cycles of the moon and the sun. Most, but not all, believe magic to be the law of nature and do not view it as supernatural. Most Wiccans practice white magic as opposed to black magic which is associated with evil and Satanism.

How To Be a Green Witch

1. Begin with the Natural World in Modern Witchcraft

Consider starting off your journey into green witchcraft with Sacred Iseum’s Sacred Apprentice Box of Witchcraft, designed to bring you inspiration, enlightenment, magic, and tools. Each month is carefully curated with magically charged items based on the current astrological alignment. Some of the items you can expect to find in an apprentice box are the Informational Packet, Custom Designed BOS pages, Custom Designed Spell, Incense, Oils, Herbs, Candles, Altar tools, Jewelry and more.

2. Fill Your Space with Flora and Greenery

The world of the green witch is also a verdant one, which means you’ll want to have flowers on hand. Seed Club Pro offers monthly in-season seeds to plant — all you need to do is add soil, sun, and water. Plus, your grimoire may call for flowers, which is where Seed Club Pro comes in. Other great options to consider include My Garden Box, which contains everything you need to build relaxing, rewarding, and enriching garden projects, including live plants, or Airplant Box, which lets you fall in love with a new air plant each month.

3. Gather Your Beginners’ Spiritual Toolkit

If you want to take your dedication to Mother Earth even further, you could try a subscription box from Magickal Folk. They honor the flora and fauna of each season, saying: “Join us as we wield the powers of ancient celestial knowledge and seek to illuminate the world from within.” Even a pandemic can’t prevent covens if you think of the shared connections you’ll have with other subscribers.

For solitary witches, also worth considering is the Tamed Wild Box, which offers monthly deliveries of magic and earth medicine. Deliveries can include crystals, herbs and teas, ritual tools, altar items, jewelry, essential oils, and other lifestyle pieces — plus, there’s an intention-setting lunar ritual available for each month curated for the witch in you.

4. Devote Time to Your Practice

Green witchcraft covers a broad spectrum: the way of the green witch is one filled with lots of ideas to bring you closer to Mother Earth. Arin Murphy-Hiscock’s delightful guide is a helpful place to start as a green witch, and these subscription boxes are an even better place from which to continue.

Nature magic just might be the most powerful magic of all — consider tapping into the earthly book of self-care and learning the way of the green witch!

Interested in learning more about becoming a green witch? Check out the Cratejoy subscriptions below that can assist you on your journey to all things earth magick.


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