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When Bloom discovered Sebastian was from Aster Dell, she hoped to learn more about herself and his plans by negotiating with him. In their final confrontation, he offers up details about her past to entice her to give up the Dragon Flame willingly. He tells her that her mother used the Dragon Flame to win wars, but eventually lost control and killed thousands – something Bloom is afraid will happen to her. He tells her that when she was born a thousand years ago, she was put into stasis and her mother locked herself away in the Realm of Darkness. The Dragon Flame hadn’t been seen in a thousand years because Bloom was in stasis for a thousand years.

Revenge For Aster Dell

Last season we learned that Rosalind caused the destruction of Aster Dell, the Blood Witch settlement where both Bloom and Beatrix were found. Downling, Silva, and Harvey helped Rosalind raze the town, under the false pretense that human inhabitants had fled, and Burned Ones were all that remained. Many innocent witches were killed, and Sebastian planned to avenge them.

Sebastian was a specialist at Alfea – alongside Silva and Andres – and secretly a Blood Witch from Aster Dell. He releases scrapers – ancient critters that violently attach themselves to fairies and drain them of their magic – to steal power and make himself strong enough to open a portal to the Realm of Darkness. There he hopes to find a shadow being who he believes can bring people back from the dead. Sebastian tries to take the Dragon Flame from Bloom so she can’t use it to stop him or to close the portal.

Deception. Disgrace. Redemption?

Beatrix, like Bloom, was found at Aster Dell. And she too wants to know who she is and where she comes from. She spends the majority of the season aligning herself adjacent to powerful people, especially after she loses her magic, and her adoptive father Andreas. When it’s clear she won’t get what she wants from Rosalind or Alfea, she turns on the school. In exchange for her powers being returned and information about her birth family, she gives Sebastian and the Blood Witches unencumbered access to the grounds. Sebastian uses scrapers to drain all the fairies, while Blood Witches control the specialists, forcing them to fight their own.

Beatrix doesn’t just walk away, though. She doesn’t snitch on Musa who she finds hiding. She also uncovers Sebastian’s plan and shares it with Stella and the Suitemates. When Sebastian uses Sky as leverage to get the Dragon Flame out of Bloom, Beatrix stops his heart, which distracts her, effectively disrupting the plan and halting the transfer of the Dragon Flame from Bloom to Sebastian. Sebastian flings Beatrix against a wall, which kills her instantly.

Magical Girl Realness

In the season one finale, Bloom tapped into old magic that had been lost to fairies, and transformed – flying and sprouting fiery wings. In the final confrontation with Sebastian this season, Bloom is joined by Terra, Stella, and Aisha who all have magical girl transformations alongside her, complete with elemental wings of their own – but sans full outfit changes, like their animated counterparts. With their combined power, they make light work of Sebastian, killing the Blood Witch, and returning power to all the fairies his scrapers drained.


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