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This page contains information on Is Repairing Weapons Worth it? in the game The Witcher 3. Read on to learn more about repairing items and the effects of lower durability on equipments.

Is Repairing Weapons and Armor Worth It?

Yes, repairing your item plays a big role in maitaining your maximum damage output during battle. Fighting enemies with low durability weapons and armors can make fights extremely difficult. You can check the percentage of your item durability at the bottom of the window with a small hammer icon on its right. Any item with a 99% durability or lower can be repaired to regain its best stats.

The Effects of Low Durability

Any weapon loses its maximum damage as the durability goes down. The total damage loss for each weapons are displayed beside the weapon damage with a red negative number. This also goes for Armors, as losing durability on armors will lower the Geralt’s defense, making him more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

How do Weapons and Armor lose Durability?

The durability of weapons and armor will only decrease if you are getting hit by enemies (for armor) or hit them with your sword (for weapons). Keep in mind that weapons and armors that are inside the inventory will not lose durability if they are not equipped.


You can repair your items via Blacksmiths and Armorers in exchange for coin, or by using Repair Kits from your inventory. There are multiple repair kits in the game which correspond with the type of item you are trying to repair. Weapon Repair Kits will only repair weapons and Armor Repair Kits will only repair armor. These Repair Kits can be used anywhere in the game by accessing your inventory. The amount of durability repaired will depend on the rarity of the Repair Kit you used.

Where to Get Repair Kits

You can get repair kits from looting or from purchasing them from merchants, most commonly from Blacksmiths and Armorers.

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