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White Orchard, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Map

White Orchard – White Orchard is the first open world zone you can explore in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt after finishing tutorial in Kaer Morhen. It takes aproximately a few hours to finish all quests available here.

6 x Place of Power; 2 x Witcher Gear; 7 x Quest Giver; 1 x Notice Board; 7 x Quest-related; 3 x Hidden Treasure Quest; 3 x Hidden Treasure; 36 x Treasure; 1 x Smuggler’s Cache; 1 x Spoils of War; 2 x Special Monster; 3 x Monster Nest; 5 x Guarded Treasure; 6 x Bandit Camp; 2 x Abandoned Site; 10 x Signpost; 1 x Tavern; 2 x Merchant; 2 x Herbalist; 1 x Armorer; 1 x Blacksmith; 3 x Grindstone;

Velen / Novigrad, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Map

Velen / Novigrad – Map of Velen and Novigrad. It contains all areas available in the core version of the game, as well as those added in the Hearts of Stone DLC.

8 x Place of Power; 34 x Witcher Gear; 54 x Quest Giver; 19 x Notice Board; 77 x Quest-related; 26 x Hidden Treasure Quest; 21 x Hidden Treasure; 5 x Armorer; 8 x Blacksmith; 37 x Merchant; 30 x Entrance; 9 x Tavern; 71 x Treasure; 23 x Special Monster; 27 x Monster Nest; 32 x Guarded Treasure; 30 x Bandit Camp; 16 x Abandoned Site; 6 x Person in Distress; 10 x Herbalist; 3 x Alchemist; 4 x Smugglers’ Cache; 3 x Spoils of War; 111 x Signpost; 13 x Grindstone; 7 x Armorer’s Table; 3 x Barber; 11 x Harbor;

The Skellige Isles, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Map

The Skellige Isles – The Skellige Archipelago is composed of many individual isles. The largest of them are Ard Skellig, An Skellig, Undvik, Faroe, Spikeroog and Hindarsfjall. The archipelago is home to fierce warrior-sailors whom Continentals regards as pirates – and not without reason, for the Isles are barren and their inhabitants’ livelihood comes mainly from plundering the seas. The land on these isles is divided between its clans, the heads of which are called jarls.

9 x Place of Power; 25 x Witcher Gear; 21 x Quest Giver; 8 x Notice Board; 22 x Quest-related; 12 x Hidden Treasure Quest; 19 x Hidden Treasure; 5 x Armorer; 7 x Blacksmith; 11 x Merchant; 38 x Entrance; 6 x Tavern; 51 x Treasure; 10 x Special Monster; 5 x Monster Nest; 22 x Guarded Treasure; 6 x Bandit Camp; 5 x Abandoned Site; 2 x Person in Distress; 3 x Herbalist; 3 x Alchemist; 53 x Signpost; 8 x Spoils of War; 59 x Smuggler’s Cache; 9 x Grindstone; 7 x Armorer’s Table; 2 x Barber; 17 x Harbor; 3 x Others

Kaer Morhen, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Map

Kaer Morhen – Kaer Morhen, meaning “Keep of the Sea of Yore,” is home to a school of witchers. Years ago the keep was destroyed and its inhabitants murdered during a massive pogrom. Currently only a handful of witchers winter here before setting out again on the Path.

1 x Place of Power; 9 x Witcher Gear; 2 x Quest Giver; 1 x Quest-related; 9 x Entrance; 1 x Special Monster; 12 x Treasure; 2 x Guarded Treasure; 5 x Signpost; 1 x Grindstone;

Isle of Mists, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Map

Isle of Mists – It is on this island that Ciri is hiding from the Wild Hunt. You will visit this island only once and you will not be able to return to it, so collect all the treasures that can be found here before you save all the dwarfs and complete “The Isle of Mists” quest.

5 x Quest-related; 30 x Treasure; 4 x Tunnel;

Toussaint – Interactive map of Toussaint from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine DLC with locations and descriptions for landmarks, quests, NPCs and other points of interest.

5 x Place of Power; 14 x Witcher Gear; 18 x Quest Giver; 7 x Notice Board; 5 x Vintner’s Contract; 14 x Hidden Treasure Quest; 14 x Hidden Treasure; 5 x Lebioda’s Workers; 3 x Knight Errant in Distress; 7 x Armorer; 5 x Blacksmith; 6 x Merchant; 30 x Entrance; 9 x Tavern; 7 x Special Monster; 7 x Monster Nest; 3 x Hanse Base; 5 x Vineyard Infestation; 15 x Guarded Treasure; 11 x Abandoned Site; 5 x Person in Distress; 4 x Herbalist; 44 x Signpost; 7 x Grindstone; 6 x Armorer’s Table; 2 x Others


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