‘Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 “The Thrall”

Things quickly take a turn for the worse in this week’s Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches as Rowan tries to rid herself of Lasher’s influence, but Ciprien gets caught in the crossfire. Let’s jump right into this week’s episode!


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Suzanne and her sister tend to a laboring mother as her husband anxiously waits outside the cabin. When he hears the baby cry, he storms inside to demand whether it’s a boy. Suzanne hands over the little boy but the man is horrified that the baby has webbed fingers. He immediately blames it on Suzanne and her “tonics”, believing that she’s poisoned his wife for the devil’s work. He screams that it’s not his son and storms away.

The following day Suzanne and Florie try to tend to the woman who isn’t home. In the village center, the king’s witch finder preaches about finding a witch in the woods and how the village must be vigilant in ridding themselves of witches. As Suzanne watches uncomfortably, the laboring mother’s husband keeps eyeing her. The finder recites the phrases he heard the witch in his cage saying and Florie gleefully repeats them as they leave. Suzanne tells her they are wicked and must never be spoken.

The Thrall

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At the Mayfair House, Rowan and Ciprien wake up together in bed and lazily decide they’ll have a relaxing day together. Ciprien heads downstairs to make them breakfast in bed and returns with eggs. The two spend the rest of the day together. In the morning, Rowan and Ciprien wake up in bed and lazily decide they’ll have a relaxing day together. Ciprien heads downstairs to make them breakfast in bed and returns with eggs. By day three, the stab wound in Ciprien’s side is much worse and he’s moving slower and slower. It takes Ciprien nearly passing out to snap the happy couple out of what’s going on. Neither remembers what happened or how they ended up in bed together until Rowan finds a knife with her clothes and Ciprien uses his powers to recall it. Rowan quickly realizes Ciprien is in early sepsis and needs a hospital immediately. She wonders where Carlotta is while trying to call for an ambulance but the phone line isn’t working nor are their cell phones charged. Downstairs, they discover all the exits are locked. Upstairs, she finds the balcony locked as well, but she whips around to find Ciprien before her, acting fine; or so she thinks. Lasher, posing as Ciprien, is intent on letting Ciprien die in the house while keeping Rowan to himself.

In his illness, Ciprien sees Stewart Townsend, a lost Talamesca, who tells him not to die in the house. Upstairs, Rowan realizes what Lasher is doing when his Ciprien form doesn’t have gloves. She treats him herself but as she’s gathering supplies Rowan sees a vanishing Millie who asks where Carlotta is. She leaves Millie there and uses her powers on Ciprien to make sure his illness is what she thinks. Ciprien is right, her vision makes no sense.

A Bargain is Struck

To save Ciprien, Rowan makes a deal with Lasher. Let Ciprien go and she’ll play his game. Lasher accepts and Ciprien is sent to his apartment. Lasher gives her a beautiful beaded dress to wear and explains everything happening is her will. He shows her she need only will it with her power and she will have everything she wants. He thinks she wants to dance, and as he uses magic to play it she agrees to a dance. He then offers her cakes of every flavor (how’s a girl to resist?). He wants only them and they share a kiss.

Things take a turn for the dark when Lasher tells Rowan she wants Carlotta dead. Carlotta appears suspended in mid-air. She refuses to kill Carlotta and instead heads for Millie in her room. Rowan asks how Carlotta took control of the house and discovers a book with an exorcism. She collects herbs from the basement where she discovers the gruesome corpse left there by Carlotta. Millie locks her in the basement but Lasher points out she’s in charge and Rowan can open the door. She realizes she is in power here and releases Carlotta who immediately tries to convince her to jump from the balcony. Rowan realizes Antha didn’t kill herself at all, Carlotta was involved. Rowan uses her ability to hurt Carlotta who falls right over the balcony and dies.


Ciprien is blipped to his house and can call for help. He’s found by his sister, but she’s forced to hide while they work on healing him with magic. The healer is able to transfer the wound to herself and extract a whole knife from the wound (no wonder it was so bad!).

Healed and better, Ciprien explains the Talamasca to his sister who had no idea exactly what Cirpien did for a living. He immediately heads back to the Mayfair house to find Rowan who is now free of the house.

Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. You can find our other coverage of the series here.


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