Witchcraft Spells for Beginners – Protection

I’ve got some simple witchcraft spells for beginners to help you protect your energy from negative influence. Magick doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it easy. Keep it awesome.

I know when I first started learning about witchcraft, I pictured elaborate spells with lots of candles, crystals, smoke, and solemn chanting. Pop culture tends to glamourise high ritual magick, and while that can certainly be fun, it’s not necessary.

What we may not realize as we begin our practice is that we’re actually manifesting all the time. We always have been. But with witchcraft and spell work, we’re beginning to manifest on purpose. We have a deeper understanding of the intention behind our words and actions and the energy inherent in ourselves and the objects around us. We are now acknowledging our power to make things happen and asking for assistance from nature to bring about our desired changes.

When you understand that every word, every thought, every energy you encounter can be a spell, suddenly so many possibilities open up. Sometimes you want to do a grand working, but especially when you’re just starting out, the simple spells are best.

What is protection magick?

I think protection is one of the most important things you can learn as a beginner witch. Not because I believe that people will be hexing and cursing you left right and center. In fact, if you constantly feel like you’re being hexed, it’s probably a good idea to do some self-reflection on why you feel like everyone is out to get you. I do think it’s important, though, to protect ourselves from negative energy that’s just floating around in our everyday environment.

If we trust in the principle of vibration and the idea that “like attracts like,” we know that it’s important to keep our own vibration as high as possible, or at least in alignment with those things we want to attract. Chances are, there’s a lot of low vibe energy around you, and it’s a good idea to protect yourself from that.

Protection spells can also be cast to protect ourselves from our own negative thoughts and feelings. Not everything that could negatively affect us comes from outside. We also need to protect ourselves from our own egos, doubts, and fears from time to time.


One of the easiest witchcraft spells for beginners is to go straight to your mind. Use the principle of mentalism to create a new reality. Everything is thought, and what you think can change your world.

A classic white light protection spell is a great place to start. Imagine yourself or whatever else you want to protect inside a bubble of protective white light. Think Gandalf on the bridge. Absolutely nothing harmful can penetrate this white light. You can pair it with a simple chant for added power. Repeat the words “I am protected. I am safe,” or something similar, as many times as you need until you feel calm, safe, and protected.

Protective Crystals

An easy way to protect your home or other space is by placing protective crystals in the four corners. As you place your crystals, ask them to protect you and your home. Then imagine the energy of the crystals conneting and forming a web that encompasses your space. Let them stand guard as you go about your day.

Some good crystals for protection include:

  • fire agate
  • amber
  • amethyst
  • angelite
  • chrysoberyl
  • bloodstone aka heliotrope
  • boji stone
  • carnelian
  • chiastolite aka cross stone, andalusite
  • iron pyrite aka fool’s gold
  • jade aka jadeite, nephrite
  • jasper
  • jet
  • kunzite
  • labradorite aka spectrolite
  • malachite
  • obsidian
  • petalite
  • prehnite
  • smoky quartz
  • sardonyx
  • staurolite
  • tiger’s eye
  • tourmaline
  • turquoise

Source: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Creating an Amulet

With your intention, any object can be made into an amulet. This is ideal for protection on the go. You can charge a small object such as a crystal that can fit in your pocket or a piece of jewelery that you wear on a daily basis. These are great inconspicuous options.

You could also craft a spell jar or a charm bag using various materials and correspondences for protection. If you’re out of the broom closet and don’t mind people asking you why you have a jar of salt and herbs on your desk, or a bag that smells like black pepper hanging from your rearview mirror, this can be a lot of fun.

Whatever route you take, just remember that your intention is key. As you’re charging your amulet, simply focus your energy into the object, asking it to protect you from harm and negative energy. Then let your amulet act as a constant reminder that you are safe and secure.

Maintain your boundaries

Just like in the mundane world, protective spells need to be renewed from time to time. A farmer can’t simply build a fence and expect it to hold their livestock in forever. The farmer must be vigilant about making sure their fence is in good working order and make repairs as needed so that their boundaries are protected. Your magical and energetic boundaries need similar tending.

So if you’ve been feeling particularly vulnerable or insecure lately, maybe it’s time to mend your energetic fences. Renew and refresh your protection spells from time to time to keep your vibration just the way you want it.

These are just a few examples to get you started. Entire books have been written on this subject. What are some of your favorite beginner protection spells? Let me know in the comments.

To learn more about protection magic and simple witchcraft spells for beginners, listen to the Protecting Your Energy episode of The How to Be Awesome Podcast.


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