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How to Prevent Razor Bumps

Even if you get razor bumps frequently, there are some ways to prevent them and tweaks to your routine that can help.

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

“Exfoliation is important because it gets rid of those dead skin cells that can clog the hair follicle,” says Petrosian. Use a body-specific exfoliator like the OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub that will help to remove those dead cells before you start shaving. This will ensure your skin is smooth, so nothing extra will catch on the razor, interrupting the shave. It’ll also help remove dirt and bacteria before shaving.

2. Create a smooth, hydrated surface

Shaving cream or shaving gel should be a staple in your shower. Try the REFRESHMENTS Pillowy Shave Cream if you’ve been using just soap to shave. It’s made with shea butter to moisturize and lemon extract to help promote a more even, bright skin tone.

3. Don’t skimp on replacing your razor heads

“I recommend always shaving with a fresh, sharp razor or cartridge, and using a creamy shaving cream that’ll help the blade glide well,” says Petrosian. Try out a five-blade razor for a closer shave, like the REFRESHMENTS Luxe 5-Blade Razor Kit, which comes with two razor heads. Make sure to replace razors often. If your razor is rusting, appears dull, or is causing more nicks than usual, it might be time to replace. No more dull razors hanging around in the shower!

4. Don’t go against the grain

Making sure you’re shaving in the right direction is key to a close, irritation-free shave. According to Dr. Shamban, you should always shave with the direction of your hair, never against it. This will ensure hair is removed easily, evenly, and without tugging at your hair follicle.

5. Always keep skin moisturized

“The smoother the skin, the lower the chances of razor bumps from shaving, so I recommend moisturizing every day,” says Petrosian. After exfoliating and shaving your skin, make sure to add back moisture to help heal dry skin and calm irritation. Try the HEMPZ Original Herbal Body Moisture, which is a lotion formulated with 100% pure hemp seed oil to nourish skin.

6. Try a different hair removal method.

If you’re always getting razor bumps even after following all of these tips, it might be time to try a different hair removal method if your budget allows. Waxing every three to four weeks ensures the hair’s root is removed, so you’re less likely to get ingrown hairs or irritating bumps. You can also try an electric razor to trim certain areas, such as around your bikini line, so you can skip the razor altogether.

Laser hair removal can also be a great option for those prone to razor burn. “If there’s no regrowth, ingrown hair and bumps can’t form in the first place,” says Petrosian. “It gives the skin a chance to heal from aggressive hair removal methods, so with time, it can also help eliminate scars and pigmentation caused by razor bumps.” Unfortunately, though, not everyone is a candidate. Laser hair removal is more successful on those with dark hair—on any skin tone. “Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well on light blonde, gray, or red hair,” adds Petrosian.

7. Skip hair removal all together.

Only you decide whether or not to remove your facial hair or the hair on your body. If it’s uncomfortable or painful to shave, or if you have especially sensitive skin and keep getting rashes, just skip it all together. There’s nothing dirty or unseemly about any gender having body hair. It’s natural and completely your choice what to do with it.

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